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Money-saving ideas and instructions on how to make your own Halloween decorations for your home.

With the vast amount of commercially made Halloween decorations available for purchase today, you might wonder why one would choose to create their own. The first answer is simply price. Many spooky (and not-so-spooky!) decorations can be made using objects you have laying around the house. The second reason is that the creative possibilities are almost endless, and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you have an original decoration that may make your house stand out from the rest.

A few simple and inexpensive ideas for decorating your house begin with items you may already have. An easy way to dress up a front porch is by creating your own scarecrow or dummy. Stuff newspapers in some old clothes, safety pin them together and add a head. For a scarecrow, you might stuff paper into a piece of burlap and use a permanent marker to draw on facial features. Be sure to have some straw poking out of its collar and sleeves. If you'd like to make a spookier dummy, stuff paper into a scary mask. Prop your friend up in a sitting position. You can even have him "hold" a bowl of candy for Trick-or-Treaters.

A very simple way to create your own invisible cobwebs is by using plain dark-colored thread. Tape lengths of thread to a doorway or from the ceiling so that they hang down at face level. Use plenty! In a darkened room, these will feel extremely creepy when a guest brushes against them.

Set your television to display only static and turn the volume up. In a darkened room this has quite an eerie effect.

Hit up a thrift store for old pictures and frames. The uglier, the better. Brush black or red paint across part of the glass, or using red paint, wipe a handprint across it. Beat up the frame a bit and hang it crooked, leaving people to wonder exactly what might have happened.

Display dead roses or other dead flowers in a prominent spot, such as a piano or coffee table. Plan on taking at least a week for the flowers to die, so be sure to get them early. They will look especially frightful when some of the leaves or blossoms begin falling off. Leave those around the base of the vase.

Don't forget the jack-o-lanterns! An assortment of varying sizes makes a great decoration. If you place some on small tables or steps, placing the pumpkins at different heights, your display will be even more striking. There are many great websites devoted to unique pumpkin carving tips and tricks, so be sure to do a search for that.

Another fun idea for jack-o-lanterns is to use other gourd-type vegetables. You can successfully hollow out many different gourds. If you really want to get creative, try carving oranges or kumquats, or even other vegetables such as cucumbers or bell peppers!

Just remember, these kinds of things are sometimes trial and error. Allow yourself time for mistakes and above all, have fun, be creative and enjoy what you're doing.

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