Home Decor Ideas Make Your Own New Year's Eve Decorations

Looking to liven up your annual New Year's Eve party? Read ahead for ideas and instructions for easy DIY decorations.

Sure---your guests will still come to your party if the decor consists of a few balloons and some streamers. But why do the same old thing? This year, plan to turn your place into a truly happening party pad.

Disco Ball

Do you plan to boogie in the New Year? Then transform your living room into a dance floor with your very own disco ball! You will need one medium-sized floral foam ball, 10 sheets of specialty silver reflective paper (or recycle your old, scratched compact discs---10 to 20 CDs should be enough), scissors, a hot glue gun, glue sticks, and floral wire.

Cut the reflective paper into 2 x 2 inch squares (if you decide to use old compact discs, you will need to use a craft knife to score each CD, then you can break each one into squares). Hot glue each square to the floral foam ball, overlapping the squares to cover the entire ball. Then, cut off 8 inches of the floral wire, twist it into a loop, and stick one end into the foam ball. Glue around the wire to secure it, then hang up your ball, throw back the rug, and dance the night away!

Walk Down Memory Lane

New Year's Eve gives us reason to reflect on the events of the past year. Embrace this nostalgia by working it into your d├ęcor. Display pictures of memorabilia from important events from the past year, whether those be political, cultural, or purely personal events. Hang a long sheet of white craft paper on one wall, and mark off the months of the year. Write in your most memorable dates, and provide markers for your guests to do the same.

In addition, here are some simple ways to create instant class for your bash:

-Stick with a color theme. Black and gold or black and silver are classic choices for New Year's Eve, but feel free to go with any of your favorite colors.

-If you plan to provide party favors, like poppers, hats, or noisemakers, arrange them in clear glass bowls on tables throughout the party space.

-Forego paper streamers that look cheap and childish. Instead, pick up several rolls of fabric ribbon or trim. Twist coordinating ribbons together and wrap around a room, over doorways, and from corners to the center of a ceiling.

-Turn down the lights! White Christmas tree lights are elegant as accent lighting, and candles create immediate ambience. Group pillar candles of varying heights for an inexpensive and easy centerpiece. Or try painting each digit of the upcoming year onto four large, square candleholders. Arrange these as a group on the main table with real or faux greenery and ribbons.

-Fill plastic champagne flutes with candy, confetti, glitter, or curled ribbons. Arrange these in groups of three or four on surfaces throughout the party area.

-Fill translucent balloons with confetti and glitter. Punch out holes from colorful paper to make confetti. Insert a funnel into the neck of the balloon, and pour in the confetti and glitter. Cluster the balloons together in the center of a main room, then pop the balloons at midnight to shower everyone with confetti.

Finally, don't forget the favors! Make your own festive party poppers to hand out to your guests. You will need empty toilet paper, wrapping paper, ribbon, clear tape, scissors, and candy and favors to put in the poppers. Cut a 12 inch square out of the wrapping paper, then wrap the paper tightly around the toilet paper tube so that several inches are left over on each side of the tube. Tape the paper securely. Tie ribbon around the paper at one end of the tube. Fill the tube with candy and favors, and then tie ribbon around the other end.

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