Home Decor Ideas Make Your Own Valentine's Day Decorations

Simple and easy Valentine's Day decorations to make at home. Show your loved ones how much you care with these creative ideas.

Whether you are having a Valentine's Day party or just want to celebrate with your loved ones, Valentine's decorations are fun and easy to make.

Hearts, hearts and hearts

You can never go wrong with hearts for Valentine's Day. Make patterns by cutting freeform hearts, printing hearts from the Internet or tracing around heart stencils; a pattern made from lightweight cardstock will be durable through multiple uses. To cut a symmetrical freeform heart pattern, fold the cardboard in half and cut half of a heart design with the fold where the center of the heart would be. Try making hearts of different sizes from red, pink and foil-coated card stock.

Try different twists on heart designs by combining hearts of different colors and designs. Make spiraling hearts by cutting a large cardstock heart and cutting inward, following the heart shape, in a spiraling pattern. Hang the spiral from the centermost piece, which will be the smallest heart in your spiral; it will cascade as it hangs.

Valentine's animals

Make a menagerie of loving animals out of heart shapes. Add a head and antennae to a heart to make a snail. Place two hearts, overlapping with pointed sides away from one another to make a mouse. Add a long tail, whiskers and facial characters. Glue a series of small overlapping hearts to make a snake. Add long legs to a large heart to make a spider or link three hearts to make an ant. Use your imagination to make undersea creatures, jungle animals, a Valentine farm and fun heart-themed pets.

Valentine mobiles

Glue two 12-inch dowels to one another at their centers to make a cross. At the center of the cross, tie fishing line or ribbon to secure it, then make a loop that can be used to hang your mobile. Tie and glue several pieces of thin satin ribbon from the dowels, placing them at balanced intervals. Use two or three different lengths of the ribbon. From the end of each ribbon, tie a small paper heart, a cupid or a Valentine animal.

Floral Valentines

Floral decorations are attractive and easy to create for Valentine's Day. Select flowers in red, pink and white shades and combine them with greenery to create mixed bouquets. Trim the leaves off a dozen of a single type of flower and place them closely in floral foam in a bowl for festive low arrangements. Rows of ruby red glass or crystal vases are stunning, each with single blossoms.

Everyday objects

Valentine's Day is the time to decorate with romance. Place a sheer or lace tablecloth over a solid red one for an elegant table dressing. Use the good china or crystal on the table or as accent pieces. Set candles and candleholders in groupings on tables, mantles and other surfaces. Sprinkle some heart confetti on surfaces or adorn ordinary objects with satin ribbons or tassels to up the romance quotient. In the bathroom hang the red towels and fill bowls with the pink bath salts. Use a heart shaped vine or floral wreath on the door to greet guests with the loving spirit of the holiday.

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