Home Decorating Craft: Paint A Table Top

Home decorating craft: learn the easy way to add personality to your table top by decorating with paint!

Here are some easy directions that will help you decorate a table top with paint! This is a wonderful way to personalize any wooden table in your home. You can paint coffee tables, kitchen tables, end tables and so on. Once your project is complete, you may move on to more complicated pieces, or you may even begin charging others that you know to paint their furniture as well! The possibilities are endless! This is a very simple craft to learn. Just follow these easy directions carefully and you will be on your way to having the most individualized rooms in the neighborhood! Do not be surprised when someone says, "Where did you buy that wonderful piece of furniture? I bet it was REALLY expensive!" Then you can shock them by answering, "I did it myself!"


1. flat, smooth-surfaced, wooden table

2. medium sand paper

3. white (or light colored) flat, interior house paint

4. pencil

5. colored craft paints (avail. at craft stores)

6. black (or dark-colored) paint pen for outlining

7. clear, water soluble, poly-acrylic paint (avail. at hardware stores)

8. drop cloth to avoid accidents

9. variety of paint brush sizes (small to 2-4 inch)

Suggestions for images:

1. polka dots

2. flowers

3. ivy

4. fruit

5. stripes

6. swirls

7. happy faces

8. child-like cartoons

Directions for painting your table-top:

1. Lay the drop cloth underneath your table

2. Sand the surface of the table

3. Use the larger paint brush to apply two coats of the light paint. Let the paint dry between coats. Drying out in the sun works best.

4. Let the paint thoroughly dry.

5. Use the pencil to draw your images on the table top.

6. Fill in the shapes with different craft-paint colors of your choice.

7. Let this paint dry thoroughly.

8. Outline the shapes with the dark paint pen.

9. Cover the final, painted and outlined table-top with the poly-acrylic coating.

10. Let dry completely.

Congratulations! You will be able to enjoy this original work of art for years to come! Pass this information along to friends! Painting furniture is a fun, all day project that is even more enjoyable when shared with a friend.

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