Home Decorating Craft Projects: Do It Yourself Nursery Wastebasket Ideas

A wastebasket is a vital item in any nursery. Learn how to turn yours into a stylish addition to the room.

With all of the diaper changes that go along with having a baby, a wastebasket is an essential item for any nursery. However, despite their importance, wastebaskets are far from the most stylish aspect of a room's d├ęcor, at least until now. Read on to learn how you can create a wastebasket that's every bit as cute as the rest of your baby's nursery.

Decoupage- Give your baby's nursery a custom look by creating a wastebasket that features the same fabric as your baby's bedding and window treatments. To pull off this impressive look, just pick up an extra curtain panel when you purchase the bedding for the room. Then, measure and cut out a piece of the panel that's large enough to cover the outside of the wastebasket. Finish by applying the fabric to the basket using decoupage medium. Note: To make the wastebasket easy to clean, just apply a coat of decoupage medium to the exposed fabric.

Ballerina- Add a bit of glamour to any wastebasket quickly and easily by wrapping a frilly tutu around the outside of the can. Then, just remove the tutu, and toss it in the wash any time you want to freshen things up. Note: This is also a great idea if you plan to change the decor frequently since the tutu can be removed to allow for new decorations.

Baby bottle- The oversized baby bottle is a staple decoration at almost every baby shower, but often serves little purpose after the party is over. To put yours to good use, just remove the nipple from the lid, and you have an instant wastebasket that is perfectly themed for your baby's nursery.

Monogram- Monograms are a hot way to decorate whether you're 1 or 81. To incorporate a monogram into your baby's nursery just pick up a letter stencil in the appropriate letter or letters, and use it to apply your baby's monogram all over a metal wastebasket. (For the best results pick up a can of stencil adhesive from your local craft store, and use it to hold the stencil securely in place as you paint.)

Safari- Turn your nursery's wastebasket into a ferocious friend (lion, frog, lady bug or whatever you choose) using a little paint, and a few oversized googly eyes. To complete this project, begin by selecting a plastic wastebasket that hinges at the top. Then, get to work converting it into your chosen beast or bug. To change the color of the wastebasket, just pick up a can of spray paint in your chosen color. (Regular spray paint won't work, so be sure to buy some that is designed for plastic.) Then, once the wastebasket is dry, you can paint on stripes, polka dots or whatever is appropriate for your design. Finish by gluing a pair of oversized googly eyes to the top of the lid, and drawing on a face. Note: To ensure your child's safety, be sure to select a pair of googly eyes that are too large to present a choking hazard.

Put one of these wastebasket ideas to work in your nursery, and you're sure to be impressed with the results.

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