Home Decorating Project: House Makeover

Homeowners spend a fortune making their abode easy on the eyes. Here are some ways to pretty up your home when on a budget.

Many homeowners spend much of their time on their homes. Renovations, decorating or remodeling. These projects can be costly, thus creating frustration for the homeowner.

There are some simple, inexpensive ways to make your home more appealing.

If the exterior of the house is done in stucco, it can be painted. Creating a clean, fresh look for your home. Stucco paint is available in five-gallon pails; the easiest way to apply is with a paint sprayer. Paint sprayers can be rented on a daily basis fairly inexpensively. Then repaint your trim and eavestrouphs in a color of your choice; preferably a darker color to create contrast and to hide dirt. If the storm doors on your home are the old, gray metal doors paint them with a rust paint. Rust paint is usually available in a spray can. Remove the doors and place them on a workhorse. Cover the glass with newspaper and masking tape and spray paint the old, gray metal color to the color of your choice.

Another way to add character to the exterior is with flower boxes; they are available in plastic or wood and can be attached to the window ledge. Plant your favorite flowers to add some contrasting color to your home. Large rocks are a great decoration for the walkway or yard. Take a drive out of the city and go on a rock hunt, you'll be amazed at what you can find.

The interior of the home can be vastly improved with paint. The different textures, which can be applied, can create a clean, attractive interior. Having a feature wall in the living or family room painted in a bold color can add spice to a room. Stenciling borders on walls or doors adds detail. Cupboards and countertops can be covered with a few coats of Melamine paint. Sponge painting the countertop following your base coat can give the textured effect you may be looking for. Changing doorknobs on the cupboards can make a difference also. The interior doors of the home can be covered with melamine paint as well, preferably a light shade to give the interior a larger look.

Valances for above the windows add a welcome contrast to any room. They are fairly easy to make even if you are not great with a needle and thread. All you need is the fabric of your choice, a curtain rod and of course a needle and thread.

Changing the flooring can be done inexpensively with peel and stick tiles. There are a wide variety of patterns available. You can also purchase products to seal the seams to avoid the tiles peeling up due to excess cleaning and traffic.

Plants, whether real or fake, can make any room in your home more desirable. They can be placed on shelves or hung on hooks. Large plants, such as Fig trees or Philodendrons can be placed in corners of the room to add color and warmth.

All of these tips are inexpensive and a fairly easy way to improve the look of you home inside and out.

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