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Home decorating tips to give your home a little lift inside need not be expensive. In fact, with just a few tricks here and there, you can have a fresh new look without spending a fortune.

Giving your home a little lift inside need not be expensive. In fact, with just a few tricks here and there, you can have a fresh new look without spending a fortune. Give your home a makeover with a personal touch. Today there is no right or wrong. Everything basically, goes with everything. The important keys to remember are the neatness and organization is vital, but mixed with coziness and personality (yours). Don't worry about copying someone else, but do get some ideas that you like, cut them out or take pictures of them. Assemble your ideas and likes together to get a feel for what you want.

First, do a Spring cleaning, regardless of whether it's Spring or not. Remember, cleanliness is next to Godliness. Now, look around and see what you see. See what you like, and leave it. See what you would like to change, based on your gathered ideas and pictures. Time to do some adjusting.

A good first step would be to take everything movable out of the room and start with a light colored coat of paint. You can also wallpaper if you are good at it or know someone who is. Remember, light colors open a room up and make it feel happier and more inviting. Color can affect your mood and you want a happy mood, not a dreary one. There are basic accents you can add to your home for practically free. As a matter of fact, most of the things are already in your home, others you can find at rummage sales if you look for little bits and pieces of treasure now and then, you will find them. Some of these include:

wicker furniture


throw pillows


fresh flowers

glass items, candle holders, bowls, vases, bottles




collectables, such as bells, porcelien dolls, angels etc.

rolling serving trays

tea trays

throw rugs



anything wooden


entertainment centers


lacquered furniture


tasseled curtains

foot stools

old chairs or odd chairs




stainless steel





coffe tables

end tables

leather furniture

ceramic tile


large or small rocking chairs


anything marble or marbled

any antiques

watering cans



stenciling on painted walls a pattern of your theme is very personalizing

iron curtain rods

silk, satin or velvet fabrics

Take out old carpet and ugly linoleum. Wood is always the best way to go. It never goes out of style and always looks elegant yet simple and is easy to keep neat and clean.

If you have a certain color scheme, try to find anything that color and add it to your decor. Each colorful piece will add to the decor nicely. White or ivory is always a good choice, it looks neat and clean. Blues never goe out of style and gray is a new popular color in all shades from charcoal to silver.

If you must spend some money, spend it redoing floors, especially wood floors. Get a new leather piece or have bookshelves or an entertainment center built in. New, updated countertops will transform you kitchen. Get a new dining table. The ones with the iron legs or accents are beautiful. Perhaps spruce of windows by adding the top circular window atop a square window to give you home an instant new look.

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