Home Decorating Tips: Use Teacups For Unique Decorations

Home decorating tips: China teacups may be used as unique decorating items around the house. From flower arrangements to candleholders, you will enjoy decorating with teacups!

No matter what your preference - Chamomile, Earl Grey, Darjeeling - tea always tastes better in a pretty china cup. There are several china patterns to choose from such as the more traditional Lavender Rose and Tea Rose patterns, made by Royal Albert, and Carnation and Real Old Willow, made by Royal Doulton. There are also several modern styles available. You may find flowered cups, striped cups, even plaid cups! There is a china pattern somewhere to suit everyone!

But not everyone drinks tea. What then, do you do with all the miscellaneous china teacups you inherited from your great aunt Sylvia? You don't want to throw them out but you won't use them to serve tea either. The solution? Use your mismatched teacups for decorating your house!

==>Flower Arrangements

Teacups make lovely containers for silk or dried flower arrangements. Choose flowers and greenery that are diminutive in size and complementary to the color and pattern of the cup. Rose buds and tiny ivy makes a nice combination. Sprigs of baby breath would also be appropriate. You could even use miniature carnations. At Christmas, you may consider using small silk poinsettias or holly in a plain white cup. If you have any holiday china, you could even use that instead of plain white. Add in a bit of tiny gold or silver garland for added glitz.

You might also want to consider using a teapot as well as two teacups. Take off the lid of the teapot and fill with water. Arrange a bouquet of fresh flowers inside, including some large-headed flowers like daisies or mums. In each water-filled teacup, float only one large flower head, such as a daisy or mum. Arrange the teapot and the cups on a serving tray and set it on a coffee table.


If you make your own candles, a teacup provides a lovely container for them. Choose a color that is complementary to the teacup, adding the scent of your choice. Tie the wick to a pencil and rest it on the edges of the cup. Pour the wax directly into the teacup, filling almost to the top. For an added flourish, you may want to sprinkle a few metallic confetti pieces onto the saucer.


I have created a cozy window seat by the window in my bedroom. I have my favorite rocking chair next to a round table, covered in a ruffled

tablecloth and topped with a crocheted doily. A piece of glass sits on top. On this table I have placed a flowered teacup filled with my favorite ylang-ylang scented potpourri. It looks and smells lovely!

==>Herb Garden

Because I love to cook with fresh herbs, I have always kept a collection of them on my windowsill. However, I didn't like the look of the plain green pots. Instead, I selected five mismatched teacups and their saucers, and planted my herbs in them! They look adorable, lined up in front of my window. To keep the plants well-drained, put a layer of small gravel in the bottom of each teacup before filling with potting soil.

==>Plant Container

Instead of an herb in your teacup, you may decide to use another type of plant. You could try violets, mini cyclamens, or ivy, to name a few. Again, be sure to provide a layer of gravel in the bottom of the teacup to provide drainage.

As you can see, teacups are useful for more than just a spot of tea! What decorative uses for teacups will you think of for your own home?

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