Home Design Basics: Using Recessed Wall Niches For Effect

Wall niches are increasingly found in newer homes, and are a great way to show off an otherwise dull wall.

Architects and professional organizers are following a new trend in home building projects. Wall niches, a recessed area with a shelf-like feel, are increasingly found in newer homes, and are a great way to show off an otherwise dull wall. But what can you do with them aside from using them as a catch-all for clutter?

Wall niches are a great place to showcase art, a vase of seasonal flowers, or can be used to show off seasonal decorations that need a place of their own. In fact, many home interior specialists sell artwork and decor specifically made to transform wall niches into elegant masterpieces.

Since wall niches may be as small as a 12-inch section or as large as 2 or 3 feet, finding objects that suit your own personal taste can add an element or practicality to your home.

Wall niches are commonly located in living and dining rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Living and dining areas tend to be a bit more upscale and decorative, so you may want to place decor items in niches located in these rooms. Some unique ideas for dressing up niches include wallpapering or painting the inside, giving the room a focal point. Adding a row of your favorite classic books, or antiques also adds a unique touch.

Bathroom wall niches are a true gem, as they equal extra storage in what are commonly the smallest room in a home. Depending on the size and depth of your bathroom niche, you may house washcloths or hand towels, or you may store pretty decorative boxes and bottles. Bathroom niches are also a great place to store tissue boxes, perfumes, and other toiletry items. The only consideration when decorating a bathroom niche is that the items inside will be visible to anyone using the restroom.

Kitchen wall niches are a great use of space in a room where there never seems to be enough of it. Paint your kitchen niche in a bold color to add some spice to your kitchen, and line it with bottles of wine, oils, and bottled sauces. If you have children, kitchen niches are also a great storage spot for harmful cleaners, as it removes them from low-lying cabinets and drawers.

Since wall niches are relatively simple to change, given their size and shape, the cost of redesigning them can be very reasonable. People often have items around their home that they would like to showcase, but don't have the proper space to do so. Wall niches can achieve this with a little creativity and perhaps a small amount for paint or other decorative supplies. On the other end of the spectrum designer floral arrangements or sculptures can cost in excess of a hundred dollars, but can often be created to fit your specific needs and size of your niche.

One of the common complaints of people who own wall niches is how to fill the top-half. Installing a small top light adds a wonderful touch and brings the eye down away from any empty space. Tall floral arrangements are also a popular way to fill the area, or you can simply install shelving to make a unique and functional recessed bookshelf.

Whether you are sensible or fashionable, you can turn these small spaces into something that reflects who you are simply and inexpensively.

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