Home Design: Designing A Workable Office Space For 2 Work-From-Home Adults

There are two basic floor plans for a workable office space.

With so many people working from home these days, it is very likely that two people in one household may have to share a home office. The following examples will help you make a workable office space for two work at home adults.

The first thing you must do is to divide the space according to how much room and equipment you have. You will also need to consider each person's needs. For example, if one person is a computer programmer, a computer, printer, fax machine and file drawer will be necessary. If the other person is a tailor, a sewing table, and a great deal of storage for fabric and supplies will also occupy the space. A separate computer and filing system may also be needed. Another thing to keep in mind is the distinct personalities of the room occupants. If one person is soothed by dark rich colors but the colors agitate the other person, then you need to find a way to make the décor work for both.

There are two basic floor plans for a workable office space. The first is side-by-side. This is necessary when a printer and other office materials are being shared. The longest wall of the room would hold three filing cabinets, or cabinet bases. One would be in each far corner, and third would be in the middle. These would be topped with a wall-to-wall counter top. This counter will be able to hold two computers with shared accessories. Shelving, upper cabinets or artwork can be installed above this counter. This will work well when the room is also being used as a guest room, or shares space with another room like the bedroom or living room. For example, I once created an office workspace that consisted of a 7-foot table with file drawers under it. It was against the back of a sofa in a family room of the home where a sofa table would normally be. It held two computer stations and the occupants could work while family life was going on around them. Storage was in a nearby closet.

The second floor plan is good for a full room with no other use. It is also necessary if the home businesses call for a great deal of storage. The design of the room would consist of a shelving and cabinet system all the way around the room with a large table or island peninsula coming out into the center of the room. Each side of the room would have a separate computer workstation if enough equipment is available, but if equipment is shared, then it would be on the center workstation. The "center" workstation would be positioned based on how much space each occupant needs. For example, one side of the table might have three feet of space and the other side might have nine. The computer programmer would then use the smaller half of the room and the tailor would take over the table workspace and all shelving on the other side.

As far as décor is concerned, the occupants can choose a color that each person likes just as long as the colors do not clash. A deep blue and a pale yellow, for example would go together nicely as well as a rich red and off white. An accent wall of the strongest color would be painted near the workspace of the person who prefers that color and the rest of the space would be painted the other color. Accent pieces to match each person's colors and personalities would dominate their own workspace.

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