Home Emergency Items: What To Always Have Available

In the event of an emergency like a tornado, fire or storm, you will always want your family to protected and safe in your home. Here is a list of items you will always want to have on hand in the event of an emergency.

When you are at home, that is when you feel the coziest and most safe. However, even while at home, emergencies can strike. From tornadoes to flash floods to fires or lightning storms, you will always want your family to be at their safest. Here are some items you will always want to have available so that your home and family are always prepared for any emergency.

* An emergency does not always mean a national disaster has to strike, but sometimes your family is stricken with smaller day-to-day emergencies. You should always have a first-aid kit available in your home. Everybody in your home should know where the kit is at all times. You can easily buy these kits pre-made at grocery stores, but it should include band-aids of various sizes, antiseptic wipes, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, tweezers, scissors, gauze, hydrocortisone cream, antiseptic liquid (like hydrogen peroxide), instant cold packs, thermometer, gloves and a first aid manual. Post a note in there that has a list of all emergency phone numbers, as well, including your physician's and pediatrician's phone numbers. This way, you do not have to go searching in two separate locations, in the event of an emergency.

* In the event of a lightning storm that knocks out all of the lights, it is good to have extra flashlights around the house. You will also want to have extra sets of batteries in a convenient location, in case the batteries run out. It is also smart to have several boxes of candles, as well as matches, in case the electricity is gone from your home for several days.

* Always keep at least one fire extinguisher in your home. The usual place to store your fire extinguisher is in your kitchen. You may also want to keep one in your garage. Everybody in the home should know how to use a fire extinguisher and learn when it is correct to use a fire extinguisher.

* In the event that you lose electricity for several days and you live in a particularly cold environment, it is essential to have kerosene or propane heaters. If there is a blizzard or snowstorm, you will not want to be without heat for any extended length of time.

* You never know when you will be unable to leave your home for several days, so always have bottled water on hand. There should be enough water to last for several days for each member of the family.

* Again, in case you are stranded at your home for many days and are unable to get to a grocery store, have some canned goods on hand that you can easily live off of. You may also want to invest in a propane stove (like one you may use for camping), as well.

* In the event that your land phone lines are down (say, in the case of an electrical storm), it is good to always have a fully charged cell phone on hand.

* Also, if your electricity goes out, always have a battery-operated radio, as well, in addition to several sets of extra batteries. This way, you can keep connected for weather updates or news updates.

* If you have a two-story home, you may want to invest in a fire ladder for each bedroom that is located upstairs. These ladders are designed to allow a safe and quick escape from rooms located on the second or third floors, in the event of a fire.

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