Home Exercise With A Mini Trampoline

Kids love to jump and they love trampolines. Once they are used to the physical activity of the mini-trampoline, exercise should become easy and enjoyable.

In today's culture of video games and computers, many children don't get the amount of exercise they need to maintain a healthy weight.And because a lot of parents promote this sedentary lifestyle, their kids have little incentive to engage in physical activity.Encouraging children to exercise must start with the parents.Whether a child is a toddler or a teenager, out of shape or already active, there are ways to get him off the couch and moving his body.Using a mini-trampoline as the sole piece of equipment in your own "home gym", this article will demonstrate some effective methods of encouraging your kids to engage in healthy exercise.

Your first task is to buy a mini-trampoline if you don't already have one.Mini-trampolines can be purchased at most department or sporting good stores for as low as $25.Mini-trampolines don't take up a lot of space, so finding a spot for one inside (or outside) your home should be pretty simple.As a suggestion, you may try putting the trampoline in your family room/den or your child's bedroom.Any place kids frequent is a good spot.You want the trampoline to be in an area the child passes often, so he or she has a constant urge to get up and start jumping.

The key to exercise for both kids and adults is to make the process as enjoyable, or at least as tolerable, as possible.While exercise can seem like torture to adults, kids don't usually face the pressure of exercising in order to lose weight.Therefore, physical activity can be fun for kids, especially if you get them started at an early age.As any parent knows, kids naturally love to move and shake their bodies.So encouraging them to be physically active promotes a healthy, energetic lifestyle that will more than likely carry over into their teenage and adult years.

As previously mentioned, making exercise as fun as possible encourages children to remain active.Trampolines are one of the most popular toys among both little and big kids.Mini-trampolines accordingly offer the perfect complement to full-sized trampolines.Because they are easily mobile, mini-trampolines can be transported from room to room or from indoors to outdoors.Mini-trampolines are also much smaller and lower to the ground than regular-sized, and thus there is much less room for accidents.

Because kids tend to love mini-trampolines as much as full-sized ones, ensuring they will get some good exercise while having fun is virtually guaranteed.Just jumping straight up and down is in and of itself a great work out.But in order to mix up the routine and make sure the kids don't get bored (a common killer of consistent exercise), try a few of the following options that will seem much more like games than like chores.

Time your children while they jump as long as they can for a minute or two minutes or however long you'd like.Make it a friendly competition if you have more than one kid.After you've timed them jumping with both feet, have them try jumping on one leg and timing them in that position.The kids can try jumping jacks as well.For an added exercise that does not involve jumping, have the kids lie on the floor and prop their legs on top of the trampoline.From that position, they can perform sit-ups.Time them in this exercise as well if you want to turn the activity into a game.

Get involved with your kids in these activities.Do the above drills with children, and even let them "win".They will really feel special if they beat Mom and Dad at a game.Making the whole process fun for your kids is such a key in developing a successful exercise routine.Hopefully, the trampoline will be so fun that you will never have to force your kids into movie their bodies.If your kids seem to lose interest in the mini-trampoline, you may have to tell your kids they can't play with their other toys until they have jumped on the trampoline for a few minutes.This won't be too big of a punishment for any child.They may even want to get in trouble if they know they get to go jump on the trampoline!

If it's at all possible, start your kids exercising at as early an age as possible.If they are not accustomed to a lot of physical activity, mini-trampolines are a great way to start.You shouldn't have much trouble encouraging children to use them.Kids love to jump and they love trampolines.Once they are used to the physical activity of the mini-trampoline, exercise of any kind should become easy and enjoyable.

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