Home Eyebrow Waxing Tips And Advice

Eyebrow waxing is no day at the beach. A light touch and the appropriate tools can make home hair removal a painless and successful experience.

Eyebrow waxing is hardly anyone's idea of a good time. However necessary it seems, the process can be painful and short-lived. Not to mention, going to a salon can cost a fortune. Using a light touch and the appropriate tools, home hair removal can be painless and long-lasting.

There are a few things you'll need before you begin:

* Pencil

* Wet, hot towel or compress

* Scissors

* Double-sided wax strips*

* Light-weight finishing oil*

* Tweezers

* Wet, cold towel or compress

*Available at your local beauty supply store

Prior to waxing your eyebrow area, determine from where you'll remove the hair. Avoid waxing above the eyebrow, as this area is more sensitive and more difficult to shape. Use a pencil as a guideline to determine the best shape for your eyebrows: place the pencil on the right side of your nose, angling upward toward the left side of your face. The spot where the pencil rests is where that eyebrow should begin. Hold the pencil straight and use your tweezers to pull any stray hairs. Do the same for the other side. The arch in your eyebrows should be directly above your pupils. Make a tiny dot with your pencil to mark this spot.

Before you wax, open your pores by holding the hot towel over your eyes for approximately three minutes. This will loosen the hair bulb and allow for more wax to adhere to the root""all resulting in less pain!

Next, prepare the wax strips. You'll need one narrow (double-sided) piece for each eyebrow and one wider section for the space above your nose. Most strips are about two inches wide, so use your scissors to cut the necessary lengths. It's best to prepare one eyebrow at a time, as to avoid letting the wax sit too long. Warm the wax on one (double-sided) narrow strip by rubbing it lightly between your palms. Peel the strip apart and lay one half, sticky-side up, on a flat surface. Apply one strip to the outer corner of your left eyebrow and press lightly. After about ten seconds, pull the skin taught and quickly remove the wax strip in the opposite direction of hair growth. Discard the used strip. Do the same for the inner corner of the brow using the other half of the strip. Follow the same procedure for the other eyebrow and the space above your nose. When the hair has been removed, immediately press the cold towel to the area to reduce swelling. If the area is particularly painful, take a pain reliever with Ibuprofen. Follow with a generous coat of finishing oil (applied with fingers or a lint-free cloth) and tweeze any strays when the redness of the skin has gone down.

A few rules of thumb:

* Even if the hair is stubborn, don't wax any area more than twice. Doing so may result in inflammation, redness and peeling. Remove any coarse or deep-rooted hair with tweezers (pulling in the opposite direction of hair growth).

* Wax only where you see dark hair""usually 1/8 inch below the brow. The skin nearest your eyelid is much more sensitive and prone to irritation.

* Only remove about a square inch of hair between your brows""you don't want it to look like you waxed your forehead.

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