Home Game Room Design Ideas: Roaring Twenties With Modern Twists

This article explains options for creating a classic 1920s gameroom with a clean, modern feel.

The key to creating a game room with a classic 1920's theme is to keep your interior colors bold and crisp, and to create classical simplistic lines that emulate the art deco era and also have a bold clean modern feel.

Flooring options are numerous, but to create a 20's feel you may want to opt for tiling. There are a wide range of affordable vinyl tiles available that give that geometric bold feel that is so prevalent in that era. I would opt for a simple black and white classic checkerboard pattern. This gives a clean, bold look and also lends a playful theme to the room. Scattered throw rugs can accent this look. You might opt for bold colors and shaggy textures, to soften the look, and add to the whimsy. You might consider faux animal prints or even a "bear rug". Keep your color themes bold and simple.

As far as wall colors go, I would opt for a bold red to heighten the drama of the room, but if you prefer a cooler look, a vivid green would work as well. No adornments or borders are required, because the wall will be decorated with various gaming decorations. I would hang a plain slate or chalkboard for game scoring as well as a vintage dartboard. Look into the home sections at stores like Marshal's' or Ross' to find affordable vintage prints that accent the look. You may find vintage advertisements that would adorn a local pool hall or bar in the 20's. These types of classic prints can also be found online. You can opt for posters housed in clear acrylic frames for a more reasonable price.

Installing a small bar might be an option. Keep this simple, as you may want to leave space for gaming equipment. I recommend a simple black breakfast bar, with several barstools. These will give space for seating and lend to the whole gaming room feel. Pier One would be a good store to find these sort of affordable seating and bar options.

Your equipment can range from pinball machines to modern video equipment depending on your price parameters. A pool table seems essential though. A classic piece in dark wood with green slate is ideal. If you are able to afford it you may wish to contact gaming distributors and opt for installing a photo booth and possibly vending machines. A more affordable option would be to purchase several small carousel gumball machines and filling them with large gumballs, nuts etc. This adds to the playful feel of the room. These machines are affordable and can be housed on stands or may be free standing on your bar, which can serve as a snack and refreshments area.

All in all, this classic 1920's look also lends well to a modern feel, if you follow the art deco theme, which incorporates bold lines and geometric patterns. An option for ceiling could be hammered metal, which is embossed with a triangular pattern, or even your more conventional drop ceiling that is painted to accent the room.

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