Home Gardens: Growing Flowers To Cut

Growing flowers to be cut brings you continual joy. Most flowers are easy to plant and care for. Plus, they have the added bonus of either continual blooming from spring until fall. Or they promise to come back year after year.

Nothing is more joyous in the spring, summer, fall, and winter than bringing inside a bunch of flowers that you've grown outside. Plus, a homegrown bouquet of flowers will cheer anyone, whether that person is a new mother, an elderly friend, a teacher, or someone who is ill. Garden grown flowers give you wonderful opportunities to keep on enjoying your garden everyday of the year.

You have a choice between annual and perennial flowers to grow. Annuals only last one growing season, and perennials continue to come back every growing season.

Listed below is a sampling of annuals that make beautiful bouquets. These flowers are easy to grow from seed or established plant. Generally, they will last from mid- to late spring and continue blooming until mid-fall (which depends on how warm or cold your climate is during autumn).

1. Zinnias are staples in most gardens for cutting. They are the ultimate in homegrown cut flowers because the more you cut them the more they propagate. Further, they come in a wide variety of blossom designs and colors.

2. Marigolds and sunflowers make beautiful bouquets too. There are many varieties of marigolds and sunflowers. Thereby, opening your options for creating one-of-a-kind beauty to spruce up your home or someone else's with a touch of autumn. You can also collect the seeds from both plants to save for the following season, or let the squirrels and birds enjoy the bounty of your flowers as added bonuses to growing these plants.

3. Sweet alyssum, carnations, and petunias add sweet and spicy scents to your arrangements. If you live in a temperate climate, all three types will live well into the fall. Even though sweet alyssum is an annual, it does re-seed itself to continually come back year after year. Sweet alyssum has a baby powder-type scent, which would add a nice touch for a new mother bouquet. And all three flowers come in a variety of soft and vibrant colors, allowing you to create different contrasting bouquets.

4. Cockscomb and snapdragons add height to a homegrown bouquet. Both of these flowers are easy to grow and start showing up in mid- to late summer. The cockscomb has a velvety feel to its flower, which also adds texture to your bouquet.

You will need to care for your annual flowers by making sure that you don't plant seeds until after the last frost. Also, make sure that the flower seedlings are evenly spaced apart so that the roots have plenty of room to spread out and grow. Additionally, you need to plan a time each week to mulch, weed, fertilize, and water your floral garden.

Perennials come in a wide variety of flowers. Many flowering perennials make wonderful additions to a hand-cut bouquet. Perennial flowers come in bushes, bulbs, and trees. Some examples are as follows:

1. Roses are the mainstays in perennial cut flowers. The sky's the limit when it comes to varieties, scents, and colors. You can have an entire garden dedicated to roses. Roses also can decorate any table---whether that's for a formal dinner or a picnic lunch---roses go with any occasion. Of course, anyone loves to receive a bountiful bouquet of these beautiful blooms.

2. Lilacs remind you of summer, light breezes, and youthfulness. Cut the blossoms off of these trees to give your home or someone else's home a hint of summer to come. The fragrance of lilac will remind you of being a teenager and your first use of perfume and romance on an early June evening.

3. Chrysanthemums are fall beauties. They will comeback year after year. Their pungent scent and wide array of fall colors will liven up anyone's table or wreaths for the harvest season.

4. Daffodils, hyacinths, lilies of the valley, and tulips will liven up anyone's home that's plagued with the winter blahs. Their heady scents and variety of whites, yellows, and purples will put a smile on your face as you cut them, give them away, or put them in your favorite cut glass vase to place on your dining room table.

Perennials need some extra care. For example, if it's a tree or bush, you will need to trim or cut back branches so that the tree or bush doesn't grow out of control. Also, some bulbs, like gladioli, need to be dug up each fall and stored in a dark, dry area. You don't need to dig every bulb that you plant in your garden. Just be aware of which plants need to be dug up and stored throughout the winter. These projects need to be done before the fall frosts occur in your area.

The above floral lists are just a sampler of the types of flowers that are available for planting in any shape, type, or size of garden. They're wonderful types of flowers that bloom in spring to fall. Finally, these flowers will make a bouquet that will brighten anyone's day.

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