Home Ideas: Create More Space With Bed Risers

It seems that we are all looking for more ways to store extra stuff in our homes. Bed risers are an inexpensive easy way to create a lot of storage space that is easily hidden by the dust ruffle of your bed.

Are you constantly looking for more space to put things in your home? It seems that the older we get, the more children we have, and the more money we make, the less space we have in our homes. It often feels like our once spacious home has shrunk to a much smaller size. Most closets are filled to the limit. Our children's rooms have more toys than space available. Shelves are filled and cupboards have no more space. We could probably all use a professional organizer, but who can afford one or has the time to hire one? There is always the option of buying a bigger home, but most people prefer to look for easier, less expensive choices. If you're anything like me, you are looking for any way to eke out any little bit of extra space to put things.

I've found a wonderful way to find more space in the bedrooms of my house. They are called bed risers. This idea isn't really new, but I always pictured bed risers as an old-fashioned product that my grandmother used. As it turns out, she knew a good thing when she saw one. They are great.

Bed risers come in a variety of shapes and styles. The most popular are a set of four heavy-duty plastic blocks that have a three-inch deep square or round opening that you slide under each leg or your bed. Some of them are even adjustable, and most give you at least six inches and sometimes as much as 12 inches of extra space to store things under your bed. They can be square or round and come in several colors, white and black being the most popular. For those with brass or iron beds, it is possible to purchase riser legs that are the same type of metal as your bed and attach to the frame, providing the wonderful storage space under the bed. Best of all, they require few or no tools to install. Bed risers are also inexpensive. Some sets can be had for less than $10. Some of the more elaborate styles and the metal ones are a bit more expensive, but still are an affordable option to adding space in your home.

Now, with all that space under your bed, you can buy the slim underbed storage boxes and fill them with your seasonal clothes, your son's huge pile of Lego's, or even extra blankets and linens, shoes, toys, baby items, etc. I have also seen large, shallow rolling baskets that also fit under the bed and roll out and back easily as needed. The storage possibilities are endless. Suddenly, you can be much more organized and also have a wonderful place to store things that is hidden quite nicely by the dust ruffle of your bed. No one will notice that the bed is a few more inches off the floor, and you have gained a large, flat area to store more stuff. It is the perfect solution to the difficult problem or where to find more storage space. Instead of building more shelves, purchase some bed risers and store it under the bed.

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