Home Improvement Tips: Protecting Cedar Boards

Cedar boards on your house can improve the look of your home, and keeping them in good condition isn't as hard as you may think. Learn about some easy ways to protect your cedar boards with these tips and instructions.

Even though cedar boards are known for their natural durability to the effects of the weather, as well as insect infiltration, you can improve your home by adding further protection to the cedar that's installed on it.

Cedar wood is a popular material that is often used for making patio furniture, arbors, trellises, planters, dog houses, and more. Cedar is also a popular material that's used as siding and as shingles on many houses today. As soon as this type of wood boards is installed on the side of your home, you should apply a suitable protective.

The best protection against wood rot and insect infiltration for your Cedar siding can be one of several products. The right product for your house depends on two factors: the amount of protection you want and the desired look of the Cedar once the finish is applied. Basically, there are three types of finishes that you can choose from. If you want to cover the Cedar wood so that the natural wood grain doesn't show, you may want to choose a good-quality exterior house paint for the job. Any color of Acrylic Latex paint will probably be the most durable choice. Or, you can cover up the wood grain by choosing to use a colored stain instead. Both the paint and the stains come in a wide variety of colors for your Cedar siding. Both products won't soak into the wood too. Instead, after they are applied onto the Cedar, they form a fairly durable film once they are thoroughly dry.

As for protection, house paint and wood stain products both offer a suitable barrier against the effects of the weather and insect infiltration.

The third finish you may want to choose is a clear wood preservative that repels water and helps your Cedar siding resist rotting. This product can offer a greater amount of protection than exterior house paint or stain can. Not only that, but clear wood preservatives let the natural beauty of your Cedar boards come through completely.

These products contain oils in them. Oils, as you know, never dry; they always remain wet. Therefore, after this type of product is applied to your house, it never dries. Rather, the oil is absorbed into the wood after a short time.

No matter what type of finish you decide to apply to your house, make sure that it is suitable for use on Cedar wood. Stay clear of polyurethanes, lacquers, and varnish finishes. Be sure to check the container for suitability. All of the products mentioned carry a manufacturer's warranty, and they can vary from a few years to up to twenty years. And, as with every product, you should read and follow the manufacturer's directions in order to achieve the best results.

All of these products - paints, stains, and wood preservatives - can be applied to your house by either using a paint brush, or, by using a sprayer. A sprayer can save you loads of time, and it can also apply a more even coat.

How often you'll have to apply the finish you choose depends on the product and the manufacturer's directions. It will also depend on the severity of the weather in the area you live in.

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