Home Improvement Tips: A Toolbox For Every Homeowner Or Renter

A brief list of tools and supplies all home owners and renters should have on hand.

One thing that I've always had, at least as long as I can remember I've had them, are tools. My Dad had them, Grandpa had them and my Uncles had them. I was always taught that having certain tools was a necessity and with them life would be easier.

Even if you are not mechanically inclined having a well stocked toolbox of the basics could save you a few dollars or a headache somewhere along the line. And once you have moved from the Apartment to the home--your own home the toolbox becomes even more important.

Following is a list of tools and items that I feel all homeowners should have on hand. Not all of these need to be bought at one time. You can buy a few of them at a time. I am still buying tools. It shouldn't take but a few months to gather together this list of tools.

Hammers (pall-peen and claw)

Pliers (needle nose, slip-joint, and channel-lock)

Screw Drivers (# 1 & 2 Phillips and three standard (slotted) a stubby, a medium tip and a larger tip)

Crescent Wrench (6" and a 10" or 12")

Pipe Wrench (at least two, one small one medium size)

Pair of snips

Utility scissors

A small level

Set of allen wrenches

putty knife

small pry bar

nail set

scratch awl

safety glasses

The above items are ones that should last you for some time. The next list is one of items that you will need to replenish from time to time.

assorted nuts, bolts, screws and nails

duct tape, electrical tape, strapping tape and teflon tape

wire wraps and wire ties

glues, elmer's wood and regular, an epoxy type and also an instant glue

And the last items is perhaps the most important of all.

A first aid kit with plenty of band aids and medicated creams.

I recommend buying your tools from a store or manufacturer that has a very good warranty. I bought my first tools from a discount store and most of them had to be replaced within the first couple years. I heeded this lesson and began paying a little more for my tools to get the quality and return policy for damaged tools.

Remember, safety first, always wear the proper attire when working with any tool.

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