Home Made Toys For Toddlers

Some simple ideas to amuse your toddlers with things that you can find at home. Get away from paying too much money for toys.

Have you ever really sat and thought about the money that you have invested in toys to keep your ever-energetic toddler amused only to have them thrown in the corner of the cupboard after a few hours of play? Toddlers may need constant stimulation, but they don't always need exorbitantly priced toys.

Quite often you can find things around the home that will amuse them for endless hours, and if they don't, well you haven't wasted a lot of money and you have spent some quality time with your child. And after all, what's more important anyway?

Try these easy to make toddler toys!


Everyone knows about the appeal of empty cardboard boxes! Take it a step further and let the box evolve into a great toddler car. Sit the box down, cut out the top and bottom so that all you have is the four sides. Punch holes on either side of the front and rear and attach some thick string front to back. This will form your shoulder straps. You may need to adjust the straps depending on the height of your child.

Next, pull out some paper plates or construction paper cut into circles and attach them to the sides as wheels and one more for the steering wheel. Now let the kids get to work decorating it with racing stripes, wipers and horns. See what you can find around the house to accessorize. When you are done you have a fantastic homemade toy car that will sure to provide lots of laughs! The best thing is, when they outgrow it - get a bigger box!


There is a big market out there today for personalizing just about anything. You have no doubt seen the various books out there that add your child's name into the story. Great idea, but you can just as easily do it yourself. Why not make the book from scratch. Sit down with your toddler and tell a story together. Record the silly story and draw some pictures together. Bind it together using a hole punch and string and their you have it! If the story included your child, then add a photo. Make sure you read it often, it's sure to be a hit.


Toddlers love to be involved in dramatic play. See what it is that interests them and set about making some themed boxes for the appropriate time. Find a cardboard box or an old hat box and decorate it with what will be found inside.

For instance, your child could be into hairdressing so fill the box with an old hairdryer (cord removed), brushes, rollers, caps and more. If they like to play kitchen then fill it with cooking utensils, bowls and plates etc. For a tool kit you could find some little tools at your local dollar shop. The possibilities are endless and when the mood strikes it is great to pull down a box with all the relevant props!


You can find lots of little things to make a dolls house. Shoeboxes are great little houses for peg people and larger boxes are great for bigger dolls. Stand the box on its side and rest it against a wall. Here you have a great little house. Paint the outside a nice appealing color and attach some little fabric swatches as curtains to the cut out windows. In a larger box, a shoebox will suffice as a little bed and lots of items around the kitchen can be used. Use your imagination!

Fill your little house with peg people. You can find little pegs at your local craft store and also little furniture than you can paint yourself.


Everyone loves a good cubby house, especially toddlers who love to find a little space to get away from it all. Be your own engineer and bring out the sheets, boxes, parachutes, towels or whatever else you can find that will provide a little shelter.

Next, construct your cubby and fill it with stuffed toys or books. Often simply changing the environment provides the best amusement!

Remember, just look around your house for things that you can use to amuse your toddler. They love to do grown up things in a childlike way.

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