Home Management Idea: Household Notebook

Orgainizing one's home can be an overwhelming task. Here is a home management idea that will simplify you life.

When I worked in the government/corporate world, I learned that the most organized people didn't make a move without their trusty day-planners. Now that I'm the CEO of a thriving family, I've adapted the day-planner for more demanding duty.

I use a 3 inch binder that takes 3-hole-punched letter size paper. In addition I find it helpful to keep a few pocket folders in there for holding small, loose notes and pieces torn from magazines etc. Colorful divider tabs mark the sections of my life.

Below are some suggestions for tabs. No doubt other categories will occur to you to help organize your own life.

CALENDAR: You may print out calendards for long range planning as well as daily to-do lists. In the calendar section is handy place for notes of events that to schedule in: A carnival or concert; a special class, etc.

FINANCIAL: budgeting and goal setting. Profit/loss statements from the computer may help in planning.

HOUSE: clippings of room settings, plans for home improvements, records of repairs and improvements. It is helpful to look back in your book and see that the roof was retiled on Aug 3, 1998. This record will be much appreciated by the people who buy your house from you.

YARD: similar to the housing section but pertaining to the outside of the house.

AUTO: record of repairs, mileage, etc.

VACATION: clippings of interesting places, for the next big vacation, hotels and prices, maps, things to see and do lists; helpful items to pack; travel notes. Plane fares, itineraries.

FOOD: Diet notes, master menus; entertaining notes for birthday parties, etc.

MEDICAL/DENTAL: records of the family's checkups, immunizations, accidents, etc.

ADDRESS BOOK; you could even keep a few envelopes and stamps here for writing letters on the run.

GIFT GUIDE. A list of sizes, preferences, dislikes of all those people on your gift giving list.

INVENTORY: do you know what all is in your house? Or limit the inventory to storage areas.

Periodically, the notebook will need to be cleaned out. Some papers can be simply thrown away but for more permanent records you can use another notebook or a filing cabinet. As the years go by, your Household Journal will become a source of memories and a repository of dreams.

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