Home Organization Ideas: Unexpected Kitchen Silverware Storage Options

Never limit your silverware storage options to a plastic liner in a silverware drawer!

Does your kitchen lack for storage options? Are there just too few drawers and cupboards? Think out of the box, and re-think how you're using some of those spaces. The silverware drawer is easy to empty, freeing up space in that particular drawer to store other household items. But wait! What can be done with all that silverware?

The solutions are easy and some even add some fun and frivolity to your kitchen decor. If your kitchen is modern, opt for purchasing a few inexpensive vases in solid, bold colors that match your kitchen's decor. Line up the vases on the back of a countertop, and fill with forks, knives, and spoons. Use an additional vase for unusual pieces or serving utensils. If your kitchen style leans toward old fashioned or a country look, visit thrift stores or antique shops and buy eclectic vases or crocks.

If purchasing vases isn't an option, simply recycle some items you probably already have in your home. Soup cans make great silverware containers. Thoroughly wash and dry the soup can. Using a wire cutter and file sander, trim and sand any rough edges along the can's opening. Cover the cans with contact paper, leftover scraps of fabric or plain white or brown craft paper. If you've chosen craft paper, embellish the paper with your own drawings or a variety of stickers. These silverware holders are fun to make, and are so inexpensive, you could switch holders with each season.

Another inexpensive and recycled option involves using 32 ounce soft drink or water bottles. Cut the top 1/3 off the bottle with a sharp knife or scissors. Thoroughly wash and dry the bottles. Remove any paper labels and adhesive. Nail polish remover works well for removing stubborn adhesive. Paint the outside of each bottle with a color that complements your kitchen decor. Allow paint to completely dry. Using a hot glue gun, attach a length of contrasting ribbon or thin strip of patterned fabric around the top of the painted bottle. Using small nails, secure these bottles to the wall underneath cupboards and above counter tops. Fill with forks, knives, spoons, and serving pieces. Even larger soft drink bottles (2 liter size) may be used to create matching containers to house wooden spoons, spatulas, and larger cooking utensils.

Hanging baskets make ideal silverware holders. Choose baskets that lean flat against the wall's surface when hung on a nail. Mount the baskets underneath the cupboards to free up kitchen counter space, and fill with utensils. Varying the heights of the baskets will create a fun display. To change the look, either seasonally or on a whim, line each basket with a colorful linen napkin. This will also make cleaning the baskets easier. Rather than cleaning dust and dirt collected at the bottom of each basket, simply replace the linen napkin instead.

For a vintage look that can be changed or cleaned easily, sew an apron with four or more deep pockets. Tack the apron onto the wall above your countertops with thumb tacks or small nails. Fill each pocket with forks, knives, or spoons. Search old flea markets or online auction sites for inexpensive vintage fabric. Make at least two aprons, so one can be functional while the other is being laundered.

Don't overlook items you may have hiding in a kitchen cabinet or packed away in a closet. A forgotten set of canisters becomes perfect for holding silverware when the tops are removed. Quart sized canning jars work well and look great. Simply attach a length of ribbon or tie a straw bow around the mouth of each jar to add a bit of style.

Never assume that your only storage option for silverware lies in a plastic tray inside a drawer. Shine your utensils, add a splash of color or intrigue to your kitchen decor, and let your silverware out for all the world to see!

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