Home Projects: Installing A New Bathroom Vanity

Imagine the incredible new look you can give to your bathroom by installing a new bathroom vanity.

Installing a new bathroom vanity can give your bathroom an incredible new look. There are so many selections and colors to choose from you will be amazed once you start looking.

Replacing an old vanity with a new one will require some carpentry and plumbing experience.

To begin you need to do a few things. First, you need to take some measurements. Make sure you measure the space that you want the vanity to sit in accurately. After your measurements you can go shopping to see what is available to fit your area and pick out the vanity and fixtures that you want. Some vanities come already assembled or you can assemble them yourself.

You may find that you will have to drill holes out to accommodate the plumbing. Please note that if you have an older house, you may have soldered piping. With the advancement in plumbing pieces over the years, you will find that you don't have to re-solder those pipes; you can purchase new plumbing lines.

There are two parts to a vanity, a sink and a cabinet. You can buy an open back vanity or a closed back cabinet. You will have to drill holes for your waste and water piping if you buy the closed back type.

After you have made your selection and have it home, you are ready to start installing it. You will need to shut the water off that goes into the sink. If you can't find the shut off valves under your sink, you can cut the water off at the house main shut off. After ensuring that the water is shut off, use properly sized wrenches or channel locks to remove the water supplies from the sink. You will now be able to remove the old sink and clean the area for your new bathroom vanity.

Using a level, position your cabinet. If you have decided to install the closed back style, you will have to shut off the main water shut off in the house and drain the water away from the work area. Remove your hot and cold valves and slide the vanity over the piping. Reinstall the valves.

Next, you will want to remove your vanity top from the box and gently sit it on the floor. Following the manufacturer's instructions, attach your new faucet to your sink. You will also need to install the pop up assembly. Use the directions that come with your new hardware. Ensure that all connections are tightened securely. Gently place your vanity top on your cabinet. Connect your water supplies to the faucet. Use silicone glue in a tube and squeeze the glue on the top edges of the cabinet. Set the sink top on the cabinet and remove any excess glue.

Connect your water supplies to your hot and cold shut off valves. Turn on the water and test for leaks. Make sure your drain doesn't leak by shutting the drain, filling the sink with water, and releasing the water a few times.

Hopefully your installation was successful and you will be enjoying the new look in your bathroom for many years to come.

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