How To Get Your Home Ready To Sell: Cleaning And Improvements

Find out how to get your home ready to sell by inspecting the areas described in this article!

Your home is a major investment in your life, possibly the largest investment you will ever make. Of course you will want to get the most value out of your home when you sell it. And, the more appealing it looks to prospective buyers, the better your chances of selling your home in a timely fashion will be. Keep in mind that your home will be among several on the market, and therefore you need to do all you can to give your home the selling edge.

The first thing to do is to take a good, honest look at the outside of your house. Does your home need painted? What about the trim? Does it need a trouch-up of paint? Are all of the windows and doors in good repair? Don't forget to check the attic as well as the basement doors and windows. Check the spouting. Is it in good shape and is it cleaned out? What about the chimney? Does it need some mortar replaced? When was the last time you cleaned it or had it cleaned out?

Are there any unsightly weeds around your lawn? Any tree branches or other clutter on your lawn? Make sure your lawn looks presentable at all times, especially each and every day that an open house or public showing is planned. Do you have bushes that need trimmed? Flower beds that need watered or weeded? If you have sidewalks or other types of walkways, are they swept off and free from clutter? What about the driveway? Is it cleared off? What about the conditions of your walkways and driveway? If they are cement or black top, do they have unsightly cracks or holes in them that need patched?

If you have a number of lawn ornaments, furniture, etc. in your yard, it would be a wise idea to put some things away. Your tastes are not always the tastes of others, and you want them to appreciate the lawn and the scenery.

Next, go inside your home and start inspecting it. Do any of the rooms need to be re-painted,re-wallpapered, or re-paneled? For small holes or spots, a dab of plaster along with a little covering should do the trick. Is each room free from unnecessary clutter? Again, your prospective buyers want to to look at the house, not at your taste in knick knacks or decorations. Put away as many decorative items as you can. Leave a few tasteful pieces out. The same rule applies to the furniture- a room full of furniture gives the visual effect that the room is smaller than it really is. Take out some furniture, if need be, and leave only a few necessary pieces in the room.

Is each room of your home clean and neat? Check even the corners for cobwebs? Is everything dusted and clean? Are the walls, windows and floors clean? Don't forget to dust and clean the baseboards too!

Now, check all of your sinks- are they clean and free from hardwater or rust stains? Are there any leaky faucets in your bathrooms, kitchen, or laundry room? If there are, then you need to fix them. You don't want to give prospective buyers the impression that the house has not been properly taken care of.

Lastly, do a smell test of your home. Are there any lingering cooking odors? Does the house smell like cigar or cigarette smoke? Does your home contain pet odors? You must get rid of any offensive odors that might be found anywhere in the house.

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