Home Remedy For Scalp Itch Relief

Learn about why you get dry itchy scalp and home remedies to treat, relieve and prevent it.

Products abound for nearly every malady ever discovered. Many, if not most, of them began life as home remedies. Itch relief, and in this instance, itch relief for the scalp, can still be effectively treated by some common products found in the average home. To receive the most aid from any product though, whether it is a purchased product or a remedy put together at home, first try to determine why the scalp is so itchy and take into consideration any and all products you have already tried to attempt treatment.

Some reasons for a dry, itchy scalp can include:

Over use of products such as colorants, permanent solutions

Buildup of shampoo and conditioners

Dryness in your surroundings


Medications you are currently using



Some of these cannot be avoided, such as medications that you must use on a regular basis for an ongoing illness. Others, such as dryness in your surroundings, could be alleviated by use of a humidifier. Shampoos cannot only lose their cleaning power after repeated use, but if not rinsed out well, can cause buildup, which in turn can cause an itchy scalp. Try switching shampoos on a regular basis and double rinse. Baby shampoo is a great alternative to use in between regular products. Products such as hair colors, dyes, and permanents, can over dry a scalp and the surrounding skin severely. Try moisturizing your scalp for several days before your next treatment. If an allergy is the cause, treatment for the allergy will more than likely help alleviate the itchy scalp. If you overuse a hairdryer, you can potentially burn, i.e., dry out your scalp. Avoid drying your hair in this fashion to see if this helps alleviate symptoms.


Some old, tried and true remedies can help alleviate scalp itch, and are more than worth a try, but be sensible and use caution when trying any home remedies. For example, if you have an allergy to an ingredient, such as honey, do not use! Be careful with any product by your eyes. The vinegar solution listed below is a perfect example of this. Avoid eye contact with all of these mixtures!

Home Remedies:

Mix 1 part witch hazel to two parts distilled water. Rinse hair with this mixture; work into scalp allowing soaking in for a few minutes. Rinse well.

Most bar soaps should be avoided as they can cause severe drying, but Glycerin soap, such as the melt and pour variety that is common today, is a natural moisturizer, and can be used directly on the scalp. Better yet, make your own and add in ingredients such as green tea, honey, or goat's milk. All of these work well at moisturizing and treating a dry scalp.

A vinegar mixture of equal parts water and vinegar is said to work well. Rinse hair in clear water and apply mixture directly to scalp with cotton balls or pads. Rinse with clear water. If desired, shampoo with a mild shampoo.

Baking soda diluted with water can be applied directly to the scalp in a similar fashion, let soak into scalp, and then rinse well with clear water.

Aloe Vera gel from the plant itself can be applied directly to the scalp. Let sit for 10 to fifteen minutes, shampoo out.

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