Home Renovations How To Remove Wallpaper And Glue

Removing wallpaper is possible for the do-it-yourself person by following the next few simple steps.

Removing old wallpaper is necessary before applying any new wallpaper for several reasons, one being to have a nice clean surface to apply a new wall covering to and another reason is to keep seams and patterns of the old wallpaper from showing through the new wallpaper. Doing this procedure is possible for the do-it-yourself person by following the next few simple steps.

First, test a small area, preferably at a corner or at a seam, to see if the old wallpaper will simply peel off. If the old wallpaper does peel off, peel all the wallpaper off the entire wall. After peeling the old wallpaper off the wall, there may be glue left on the wall, which will have to be removed. Remove this old glue by wiping down the entire wall with a sponge and clean water until all the old glue has all been removed.

If the wallpaper does not simply peel off or if it tears off in small strips, several materials will be needed to accomplish the removal. These materials are a wallpaper knife, a perforating tool or wallpaper scratcher, a high quality, wallpaper removal solution, drop cloths, solution sprayer, bucket and a sponge.

To begin the wallpaper removal process using a high-quality wallpaper removal solution or gel, protect the floors under the wallpaper by spreading several drop cloths out over the entire floor. Now mix the removal solution with hot water in a spray bottle, carefully following the manufacturers instructions.

After mixing the removal solution, pierce the wallpaper with a perforation tool. Piercing the wallpaper allows the removal solution to penetrate to the back of the wallpaper, loosening the adhesive. Spray the removal solution onto the wallpaper very liberally, allowing it to soak into the wallpaper. Let the removal solution set for the time specified by the manufacturer. Do not rush this step.

After the wallpaper has set the appropriate amount of time, begin removing the wallpaper by peeling it, beginning at the seams, with a wallpaper knife. Be careful and do not cut the plaster with the wallpaper knife. After peeling away the wallpaper, remove any backing that may be left. The backing may have to be sprayed and allowed to soak just as the outer layer had been done earlier. Some patches may have to be resprayed and allowed to set in order to be peeled away, especially on older wallpaper. Just remember if the wallpaper is not peeling off easily, respray the piece and allow it to set for the amount of time suggested by the manufacturer.

Finally, spray any residual wallpaper adhesive with the removal solution to remove it, and then wipe down the entire wall with a sponge and clear water. When all wallpaper and adhesive has been removed, apply the removal solution to the wall once again, then using a scrub pad, make sure all paste has been removed and the wall is clean and smooth and rinsed well with clean water. Allow the wall to completely dry before priming and installing new wallpaper.

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