How To Do Home Repairs Yourself

If you own a home or rent a home or apartment, you need to know how to do home repairs yourself. Home supply stores offer classes in home repair.

If you own a home or rent a home or apartment, you need an assortment of simple tools, the skills to go with them, and the willingness to haul them out when something needs to be repaired. Some homeowners actually enjoy making repairs around the home and these are the ones that are well informed on how to do it. If you have the basic simple tools to do minor repairs you will most likely enjoy this task.

The Essentials:

Putty knife

Nails-assorted sizes


Bolts and nuts, hollow wall fasteners etc.

Paint brushes


Step ladder

Toilet plunger

Screws- assorted sizes



3 standard screwdrivers

2 Phillips screwdrivers (2 sizes)

Clip-on light

Grounded extension cord

Adjustable wrench

Slip joint pliers

needle nose pliers



Lint free rags or cheesecloth


After you buy the toolbox and tools, try to organize them so that you will know where a tool is when you need it. Be sure that you have plenty of nails and a good hammer that fits your hand comfortably. You will find many instances where you will need a hammer and nails such as hanging a picture, a spice rack and maybe an ornamental decoration in your home.

There are many people who don't have the time or skills to make home repairs, but in an emergency these basic tools can save a lot of money.

Always be careful when calling a handyman to your home to repair something. Sometimes they are not licenced to do home repairs and this can end up being an expensive mistake. In the end you will spend more money than you would have if you had made the repair yourself. Big home supply stores, such as Home Depot give classes on many topics relating to the home. Check them out to see if they offer a class in home repairs.

A Few Do-It -Yourself Jobs

Jobs with inexpensive tools and materials such as indoor painting.

"Grunt" work, which involves more sweat than materials, such as removing paint, wallpaper, or tiles.

Jobs that require few skills, such as patching holes in walls, caulking windows, and yard work.

Jobs To Hire Out

Electrical, plumbing, and foundation work that must pass building codes. A licensed professional will know the requirements.

Projects with expensive building materials, such as hand-painted tile, or high -end carpeting.

Dangerous jobs , such as installing a new roof.

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