Home Safety: Make Your Own Sturdy Sliding Glass Door Bar Lock

Find out how you can secure sliding glassdoors yourself.

The statistics may shock you: according to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), a robbery happens somewhere in the United States every fifteen seconds. Statistics also reveal that seventy per cent of these robberies involve breaking and entering. Crooks actually prefer to enter your home the easiest way, though, which is through an unlocked or open door or window.

To help protect your possessions and your family, you need to make sure that you have high - quality, working locks on all the doors and windows of your home. If you have sliding glass doors, special attention must be paid to those since they are the least secure of all doors.

So, how do you secure your sliding glass doors? The first step in securing this type of door is to check to see what side the sliding door is on. If it is on the inside, then you are ready to proceed to the next step. If, however, it is located on the outside, then you will need to install several metal screws into the track above the door. This will keep the sliding door secured inside the track so it cannot be lifted up and removed from the frame.

Now, to lock your sliding doors, you can purchase and install a common device called a "Charlie Lock". This lock is a solid metal bar that is attached to the side track. It drops down and locks into place with a key. But the easiest and the least expensive way to secure your sliding glass doors is to make your own sturdy bar lock. Part of an old wooden broom or mop handle can be an excellent lock for your sliding glass doors. Simply measure the space at the bottom of the doors between the wall and the door that slides. Then, cut the handle so that it is two or three inches narrower than the opening. You can use the handle as it is, or, you can add a hollow rubber tip to each end. These tips can be purchase at your local hardware store. These tips have a dual purpose: they help to keep the wood from scratching the door frame. Plus, they make the handle fit tighter once it is installed.

To use your bar lock, simply close your sliding door and secure it with the existing lock. Then, hold the bar lock vertically in between the space between the wall and the sliding door. Turn it horizontally as you lower it and press it into the space. Now, your sliding glass doors are secured from crooks. Since the bar lock is installed tightly, it would be difficult for a crook to lift or jimmy it from the outside of your home. To unlock your door, simply remove the bar.

You can also make another type of bar lock for your sliding glass doors. This lock is made of two hollow metal bars. The bar must be the length of the space in between your sliding door and the wall, plus five inches. One of the bars should be about a half inch square, while the other bar should be either a bit smaller or larger in size. The smaller metal bar needs to slide freely inside the larger one.

The next step is to drill three holes into the larger bar and down into the smaller bar. The first hole will be located about a half inch from the end where the bars fit together. The rest of the holes need to be spaced a quarter of an inch apart. You will need to purchase a screw key that fits into the holes too. A screw key has a threaded shaft and a flat metal top that makes it easy to turn. You will also need to purchase and install hollow rubber tips on each end of the bars.

To install this type of bar lock, slide the two bars together, then place the lock horizontally in the door space. Pull the bars apart as far as they will go. Place the screw key in the farthest hole and turn it in tightly. Your sliding glass doors are now secured from crooks. To open the lock, simply remove the screw key and push the bars in and remove them.

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