Home Safety And Security: What Is The Best Way To Lock A Sliding Glass Door?

If you have older sliding glass doors, there are a lot of inexpensive options to make them more safe and secure.

Sliding glass doors have long been considered a weak point in home safety and security. However, if you love these kinds of doors, you don't have to give them up. The kind of sliding glass doors that are put into new homes are a lot more secure than the old ones. New doors have reinforced latches, anti-lift stops, and you can also opt for two or three point deadbolt locks on your door. These security features make it virtually impossible to open them from the outside.

If you are like me, your home is not new, and your sliding glass doors may, in fact, be older than you. But fear not! There are some things you can do to make those older doors more secure. Your best bet is to combine several of these options. First of all, consider replacing that old latching/locking mechanism with something newer. You can find a range of choices at your local hardware store. Just remember that with locks, you get what you pay for. So buy a good one.

An additional choice is to place a metal or wooden rod in the track of the door when not in use. This rod should be at least one inch thick. Wooden dowel rods that can also be found at any local hardware store work really well, because you can cut them to fit your door track. It should fit snugly into the track. An old wooden broomstick can be cut down to work as well.

Another way to improve the security of that old slider is to "˜pin' the door so that it cannot be lifted out of the track from the outside. You can do this yourself or purchase a kit from your trusty hardware store. To do it yourself, drill a hole through the inside frame and part way through the metal doorframe. Insert a heavy-duty nail into this hole when the door is closed. You simply remove the nail when you want to open the door.

Another idea is to place two sheet metal screws in the track above the removable part of the door. Adjust the screws so that the door will just clear them. This is another inexpensive way to secure your door. Remember, though, none of these will work if you don't use them! Before you leave the house or go to bed for the night, make it habit to check that sliding glass door.

I have often heard a suggestion to place a decal prominently on the door to help warn away intruders. Home security alarm, beware of dog, or neighborhood watch decals can be a deterrent. I would not place all my security hopes in just a sticker, though. Use some other security measures, too. Get to know your neighbors so that when you are away, they are looking out for your home, and do the same for them.

Last, but not least, is let there be light. A motion-sensing light placed outside your sliding glass door is a good idea. Burglars hate breaking into homes that are well lighted on the outside. They also do not want to break into a house that is going to take a lot of time or make a lot of noise, like breaking glass.

Keeping your home safe is important. Half of all burglaries occur during the daylight hours. Burglaries during the summer months are also more common than in the winter months. Check those doors and windows before you leave the house! Safety measures are no good unless you use them consistently

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