Free Home School Curriculum

Choosing curriculum is one of the first steps in preparing for home school.

So, you've decided that home school is right for your child and wonder what to do next. One of the next steps is choosing the curriculum. The curriculum must suit your child. No one curriculum suits all children. For example, some children require a "hands on" learning style, while others don't. It may also take a combination of the both learning styles.

The best way to choose a curriculum is to find a home school store which carries a wide variety of them. Once in the store grab a cup of coffee, a chair to sit in and look through all possibilities for your child's grade. Look for learning activities that will teach your child, yet keep them intrigued and coming back for more. It may take a couple trips of a couple hours each to look through all materials.

If there is not a home school store in your location, you must regroup and search the Internet for different companies. Most companies will mail a catalog free of charge. The downside to this option is you cannot thoroughly look over the material and you may end up paying shipping and handling. Some companies have catalogs compiled of many different curriculums. This proves to be helpful if you are choosing a different curriculum for each subject.

Another good resource for choosing a curriculum is another home school family. They may have tried a variety of curriculums, and can give you a run down on each. If they still have the books, you can look through them. You can find other home school families through local home school groups/newsletters and the Internet.

One final thought, keep in mind an approximate curriculum budget. There is a wide range of prices when it comes to curriculums. Just because it is expensive, doesn't mean its better than the one with less cost. Just remember, purchasing curriculum may be a trial and error processPurchasing curriculum will be a trial and error. in the beginning.

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