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I have put together a free guide of information, topics, and resources to help you on your journey through home school.

More and more people are turning to homeschool, but is that the right choice for you? Maybe today you will find out if this is something you could do to better the lives of your children. There are so many resources out there that can answer just about any question you could possibly have and I will include a few to get you started later in this article. You may not realize just how many homeschoolers there are out there, let me tell you it is an astonishing number throughout the world. You may ask can I teach my child what he/she needs to learn, will they be able to go to college, and what about state laws?

No one can teach your child better than you, you know everything there is to know about your child, what they can learn, how they learn it, and when they learn it is totally up to you. Colleges love homeschoolers, they have found them to behave better and test scores are excellent. Homeschoolers take Sat's, etc., just like any other student when it comes to college. There is a website for all those considering or curious, A to Z Homeschool's Cool(just search for it at any search engine): here you can find answers to just about any question including state laws, and they also have articles about homeschool in the news.

Homeschoolers are making headlines everywhere, including National Spelling Bees, and the political convention going on right now!!! The Homeschool Crossing site posts activities & events in your area specifically designed for homeschoolers. Also a great place to start would be the Egroups site, check them out and join a group with families in your area. This is a great way to meet other families and find out about local happenings. I'm sure you've asked, What about books? What do I teach? A few to start with would be ABeka, Bob Jones, Alpha Omega, EPS, and Saxon Math. Also many sites on the internet offer discounts on homeschool textbooks, just search "discount Homeschool Textbooks" and you can find alot of sites for those on a budget who can't afford to buy new.

Homeschooling can be as expensive or inexpensive as you like, it's totally up to you. Whatever your decission, be confident in the fact that you have made the BEST choice for you and your children. Research everything possible through the internet, libraries or families you may know that homeschool. Below is a list of resources for you to use for your quest for knowledge of homeschooling.

Home Schooling Corner - This site has a LOT of topics, articles and for all those writers out there they have a writing corner where you can find companies accepting articles about homeschool.

Your options are endless, whether your a single mom or a family of 6,7,8.... you can homeschool and accomplish things you never dreamed possible. We live in a world today where it just make sense to teach our children good, decent values. They number of homeschoolers around the world is growing by leaps and bounds and I feel it will only keep growing and getting stronger each year. True this is only my opinion but if everyone would examine the facts and see how well our children are doing in every aspect of their lives and stop judging all those who choose to homeschool you may just be surprised what you uncover. Whatever your decision make sure it is best for everyone envolved and make every year a happy homeschooling year!! Good luck with your exciting adventure.

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