Home Schooling: Pros And Cons

These five reasons to home school today are compelling enough to convince you to consider it for your children.

Deciding to homeschool your children is no easy task and should be taken seriously. But there are some compelling reasons to consider, so take a look and decide for yourself.

Reason #1: Schooling is more flexible. No getting up at a certain time everyday and having lessons done on schedule if that is not the way you want to do it. Should you work late at night and need to get some extra rest in the morning, you will be able to with homeschooled children. No buses to catch and no lunches to prepare. Just rise when you and your kids are ready and begin class in a more leisurely manner.

Reason #2: Your children can advance at their own pace. If you are concerned about any of your kids needing extra attention and feeling like a formal school structure won't provide it, then homeschooling could be the answer. You can take your time teaching in the pace that your children are most willingly to learn with. Pushing them to excel beyond their current potential will only serve to frustrate them. Consider this a great reason to homeschool if you think any of your children might need additional attention for learning.

Reason #3: You are the one to decide what interaction your child has with peers. In the school system, it is an unknown who your child might encounter and what will go on between them. There is plenty of life ahead of your children for them to learn how to adapt to difficult situations. Being forced in with a group of children who treat your child poorly will serve little instructional purpose and is potentially damaging to your child's long-term self-esteem.

Reason #4: If you want you can add religious instruction to your daily school routine. Noone will tell you otherwise and you have free rein to incorporate as much or as little religion into each day.

Reason #5: There are more opportunities for homeschooled children to learn how to interact in our world. Even trips to the store can provide valuable learning experiences while having fun with the family. The food pyramid can be taught in the grocery store. Science and lessons about insects can be taught in your backyard. Career options can be explored with trips to the doctor, dentist or auto mechanic. More diversity can encompass your children's lives just in living and doing what you do every day.

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