Home Security Issues And Vacationing

Home security issues and vacationing. When people are leaving town, they should consider making their house look as normal as possible. Home security issues that people should consider if they are going to...

Home security issues that people should consider if they are going to take a vacation are pretty important. A lot of times they are not considered. The biggest thing is that you don't want to send out a red flag or an invitation to a burglar that your house is vacant; that you are on vacation. So what you need to do is simulate those activities that would make it appear that the house is occupied. There are home automation models that will turn lights on and off at certain times of the day. You can set these up to be "day specific" or "time specific". They can come on for a certain number of hours or minutes. They can actually be on the clock. So that's one way that you can give the impression that's somebody is at home.

Hopefully, you have a good relationship with at least one neighbor that you can trust. You can ask them to park in your driveway, especially if they are your next door neighbor. Then, they can park in your driveway just to give the appearance that the house is occupied while you are gone on vacation.

The important thing to remember is to not to let your mail pile up in the mailbox. So, have the post office hold your mail. It would also be important for the newspaper carrier to hold your newspaper until you return from vacation. Or you can have your neighbor pick up your newspapers for you, but if the burglar drives by your house and sees newspapers piled up in the driveway, that is just an invitation right there to break into an apparently unoccupied house.

An alarm system is an obvious answer- an alarm system that reports to a central station if there is an intrusion. There are alarm systems available that will also call your cellphone while you are on vacation, so that you immediately know when there is a problem. Some people also like to put in security cameras in their home, at their front door or outside of the home. These cameras can be recorded remotely on some sort of recording device in the home. They can even be recorded locally in the house where they can be accessed remotely through Internet browsers. So while you are on vacation, if you want to just check in and look at the video of your home, you can go to any internet web browser and look at your video connection.

One of the latest developments in the security industry, and specifically for central station monitoring, is that they will verify an intrusion by the use of cameras. So the camera that's propositioned in the house, when the motion detector is instigated, the alarm system calls the central station. The video camera then sends the signal to the central station.

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