Home Sewing Projects: Pillowcases

Home sewing projects, such as making a home-made pillowcase, is simple if you know how.

Handmade pillow cases are fairly easy to make. You will need a few things to get started.

You will need the following:

Material: The kind of material that you use is not important. You can use any color, texture, print or style that you choose. Just remember, however, that this material will make pillow cases that you will have to lay your head on every night. You should probably make sure the material isn't itchy or scratchy.

Ribbon or other decorative additives: This includes ribbon, embroidery thread, or other decorative items that you choose to decorate your pillow cases with.

Sewing Machine: A sewing machine is completely optional. You can also sew these together by hand if you so choose.

Pattern: A pattern is also ptional. You can use pillow case as pattern instead of buying one.

Taking pattern, pin to the material you have picked and cut out material around your pattern. Turn material right side in and sew together. Hem edges either with sewing machine or by hand. This will also be the stage that you add ribbon or other decorative items to your pillow case. Turn pillow case right side out, then press with iron.

To make your own pattern: Turn a pillow case inside out and trace onto paper. (Newspaper will work.) Allow two inches on each side for sewing.

It should only take a matter of minutes to complete your pillow case if sewing with Sewing Machine and just a few hours if hand sewing.

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