Home Trends: Contemporary Curio And China Cabinets

Contemporary china and curio cabinets don't just provide a good place to display objects. A cabinet can be an attractive piece of furniture for the home.

By definition, a china cabinet holds china, usually a matched set of fine dishes, and a curio cabinet holds trinkets and other objects of interest (curiosities""hence the name "curio"). These types of cabinets have traditionally held items of beauty and value. However, curio and china cabinets are not merely used for display of objects; the cabinets themselves can be an integral part of home décor.

The contemporary home involves many stylistic elements. Floors, walls, furniture, artwork and interesting objects make up the scheme that makes a home feel, well, "homey." A well-chosen china or curio cabinet can complement any home by providing an attractive place to display items of special, especially sentimental, value.

China cabinets are designed specifically to hold dishes. The shelves inside are often of different heights, and many cabinets come with the proper dish holders. Many china cabinets are set up to help the homeowner display his or her china in an attractive way. Many contemporary china cabinets feature lights, to better highlight the delicate and artistic designs that often adorn the dishes.

Modern china cabinets come in many wood types, styles and finishes. Many contemporary china cabinet designs are in lighter wood, and have clean, straight lines. These fit well with most styles of modern décor, especially contemporary dining room and kitchen furniture. The contemporary china cabinet is not only different from the traditional in its artistic appearance; it is also usually smaller in physical size. Many homeowners find it attractive to display specially designed pieces silverware in a china cabinet, in addition to the more traditional fare of dishes only.

Curio cabinets are much the same; however, curio cabinets are usually smaller than china cabinets. China cabinets tend to be rather wide. Curio cabinets are thinner. One of the more popular contemporary trends in curio cabinets is the corner cabinet. This style of curio cabinet is shaped to fit into a corner. This makes the contemporary curio cabinet an efficient use of space.

While traditional curio cabinets are made of wood, the contemporary curio cabinet is made from a variety of materials. Though wood is by far the most popular material for the curio cabinet, some are made from wicker, plastic and metal. Like china cabinets, the front is made of glass so that contents can easily be displayed. Also like the china cabinet, many contemporary curio cabinets feature lights.

When choosing a china and/or curio cabinet for the contemporary home, it is important to keep in mind the décor of the house. What colors are used? If the furniture is made from wood, how dark is the finish? What artwork is displayed in the room? It is also important to keep in mind what sort of objects will be displayed. While china dishes match virtually any wood and style, the knick-knacks placed in a curio cabinet are a very different matter. With the variety in styles and colors available, it should be possible to find a china or curio cabinet that complements the stylistic elements already present in the home.

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