Homemade Bath And Body Products

Recipes for homemade bath and body products

Within the last year or so I have been learning to do things the "home-made" way. In the past I have shared some recipes and tips on soap making. That made me think of the recipes I have for making bubble bath and bath salts. The recipes that follow did not originate with me but I have had them so long and have used them so many times I almost feel like they are mine.

It is actually quite rewarding and a lot of fun to make such things at home instead of paying through the nose for them at Macy's or even Wal-Mart. You have total control over the ingredients and will know exactly what is going onto your skin or into your tub. Many is the time I make these products and put them in pretty packages for gift giving.




This is a easy recipe to make your own bubble bath.

5 drops fragrance oil

1 quart water

1 bar castille soap (grated or flaked)

1 1/2 ounces glycerin

Mix all ingredients together. Store in a container. Pour in running water.

*castille soap can be found at any health food store.


Simple Bubble Bath


4 T. herbs (pick your favorite!)

2 tsp. essential oil (corresponding with dried herbs chosen)

1/2 pt. distilled water

1/2 pt. liquid organic cleanser

Bring water and herbs to a boil and then simmer for about 30 minutes. Squeeze herbs and strain off.Let the water cool for a little bit and then mix it with cleanser and essential oil. Pour into bottle/container of your choice.


Raspberry/Vanilla Bubble Bath


8 oz. unscented liquid soap

2 oz. distilled water

8 drops vanilla fragrance oil

6 drops raspberry fragrance oil

2 drops red food coloring

Mix all and pour into a container.

I am always experimenting with soap making. It has been such an enjoyable and rewarding experience I wanted to share more about it here.




Be very careful when mixing and handleing the lye and water solution. My candy thermometer read 200 degrees at the hottest. Open a window and wear gloves. Lock up the kids and the pets. My cat kept trying to run between my legs and that is just not a good idea. Believe me...this is not something you want to get on your skin.

Use whatever essential oil you like to scent your soap. There are many available at natural health food stores.

Let the soap cure for about a month before you use it.

"Trace" simply refers to the little trail you will see when you drag your wooden spoon across the top of the mixture.

Soap making is nothing more than a chemical reaction that occurs when the lye responds to the fat. It's pretty cool to see this happening in front of you.

The fat you use is your own choice. It can be lard or olive oil or crisco, etc.

This is actually easy. Relax and enjoy!



Oatmeal Soap


10 oz. palm oil

4 oz. coconut oil

2 oz. olive oil

1/4 c. oatmeal, run through

the blender or coffee grinder

2 oz. lye

1 c. water

Scent (optional)

Mix lye and water and set aside to cool. Melt palm oil and coconut oil together and set aside to cool. Mix the olive oil and oatmeal. When the lye reaches 100 degrees and the fats are 120 degrees, pour the lye into the fats and stir until it traces. Add the oatmeal, and stir until well mixed. Pour the soap into molds. Allow to sit for 24-48 hours. Unmold and cut if needed.


Olive Oil Soap


16 oz. pure olive oil

2 oz. lye

6 oz. water

Heat oil to 150 degrees and add the lye to the water slowly while stirring with a wooden spoon.Mix lye solution and oils when the oil is at 120-130 degrees and the lye between 90-100 degrees. Mix them together until it comes to a trace. Pour it into a mold and let set 72 hours before unmolding. You can add scents, colors, herbs, etc. at trace.

Milk is excellent for you inside and out. These recipes for herbal milk baths are inexpensive and luxurious at the same time. Take a few minutes out of your busy, hectic day and slip into a warm bath laced with any of the below or use your own imagination and come up with a new twist on the ones I've shared!


Lavender Milk Bath


1 c. powdered milk

2-3 drops lavender oil

Mix and add to bath.


New Moon Milk Bath


2 cups dry nonfat powdered milk

1/2 cup Epsom salts

1/2 cup baking soda

6 drops sandalwood oil

5 drops vanilla fragrance oil

4 drops gardenia fragrance oil

4 drops orange oil

Mix all ingredients together and pour into a container. To Use: Pour 1 cup into the bath as you fill the tub and stir well.


Oatmeal Milk Bath


1/4 c. oatmeal

1/2 c. powdered milk

1 T. hazelnut oil

6 drops lavender oil

Put oats in muslin bag. Add the rest of the ingredients directly to bath.


Hey, I am on a roll......... how about some bath salts?


Little is more wonderful and relaxing than a soak in the tub. Send the husband on an errand, lock up the kids and indulge your senses in a well deserved herbal bath.

I have used these two recipes quite a few times and always seem to have some on hand. These make wonderful gifts. Obviously you can use whatever essential oil you prefer in place of the lavender recipe I have given here. Try rosemary, lemon, sage, patchouli, etc. Enjoy!


Lavender Bath Salts


1 c. rock salt or sea salt

(You can find sea salt at your

local grocery store)

1/2 c. Epsom salt

2 T. baking soda

10 drops lavender oil


Blend all except baking soda. Blend soda after other ingredients are mixed. You can also add 1/2 tsp. of glycerin at this point to make the salts sparkle. Use 1/4 c. to 1/2 c. Per bath.

This bath salts recipe is fairly easy to make. It is supposed to help you feel more energized.

Ingredients needed:

1 c. Epsom salts

1 c. course salt

10-20 drops green food coloring

6 drops eucalyptus oil

10 drops rosemary oil

15 drops peppermint oil

Mix salts in a large bowl. In smaller bowl take 1/4-1/2 cup salt mixture and add oils. MIX WELL. Add back into rest of salt mixture.

Store in airtight container.

Put a few teaspoons of the salts in your bath water.


Here is a list of bath salt recipes that I obtained a few years ago.


Basic Recipe:

2 cups Epsom Salts

1-2 drops of food coloring

1-2 drops of fragrance or essential oil

2 tablespoons of baby oil

Simply mix all ingredients together and store in a jar. Add to your bath to your taste.

Here are just a few oil and food coloring combinations you might want to try. Or create your own. I love to purchase perfume oil in the fragrance I wear daily and then mix it into a batch of bath salts.

Pink Chiffon

Red food coloring

Peppermint oil

Rain Forest

Green food coloring

Bayberry oil or eucalyptus oil

Chocolate Mint

Red food coloring

Chocolate and peppermint oils

Citrus Scents

Orange food coloring

Orange citrus oil

Yellow food coloring

Lemon citrus oil


More Simple Bath Salts


Are you tired when you get home? Did you know putting bath salts in your bath would relax you?

These also make great gifts.

To start you will need something to mix them in. I use a gallon ice cream bucket. Also, you will need a spoon.

Materials Needed:

1-4 lb. bag Epsom salt(You can get this at Wal-Mart or any drug store)

Food Coloring or Powdered Cake coloring

Perfume or soap safe scents

Okay, take the 4 lb. bag of Epsom salt and dump it in the ice cream bucket. Then add your food coloring or powdered cake coloring(can be found at your local cake decorating shop). I personally like the powdered coloring better because it is easier to mix in than the liquid food coloring, but either will work. Then just add a small amount of perfume or scent and you have some nice bath salts.

You can go to your local party supply store and buy small clear bags to put you salts in. Just put them in the bag and tie them up with some curly ribbon. You can also get pretty glass bottles with cork tops at your local craft store.

Warning: Bath salts do not need to be used by women that are pregnant, small children, people with diabetes, or people with high blood pressure. It has something to do with the salt being absorbed in the blood stream. Also, small children and women who are prone to have a yeast infection from scented or colored soaps do not need to use these.


Simple Bath Salts


1 part baking soda

2 parts Epsom salt

3 parts sea salt

Mix it all in a big bowl, then put in a large zip lock freezer bag along with a tiny amount of powdered pigment. Then shake until the color is dispersed. It colors the salts wonderfully with no clumps.

Let's face it. Life is stressful. Having time alone, in your bath, is a treasured physical oasis when you can melt your troubles away. Well, not *all* of them, but this will help.


Bath Bomb


Bath bomb recipes are pretty basic. But here's one that will give you the ultimate relaxing experience!

So kick back and *imagine* yourself there. Then make this recipe, and treat yourself, just because you *are* so special :)

2 cups baking soda

1 cup cornstarch

1 cup citric acid

1/2 cup powdered goat's milk

essential oil of your choice

3 T. dendritic salt (optional)

1-2 T. almond oil

coloring (optional)

witch hazel

Combine the dry ingredients, except the citric acid. Add a few drops of your favorite fragrance to the almond oil.

Drizzle this over the mixed dry ingredients. Then you can add the citric acid.

Mix well and spritz with the witch hazel. Let's not overdo the spritzing....you don't want to set off the citric acid. Mist the mixture, work it in with your hands, and mist some more, about 10 minutes worth, alternating between the two techniques.

When you can grab a glob in your hand and it stays together like dough, it's ready.

Pack it into molds of your choice. I use what I have on hand, sometimes Jello, candy, or soap molds, and Tupperware, just whatever is handy and yields about 2 ounces.

Let them sit in the mold about 15 minutes. They pop out easily but be gentle because they are fragile at this point. Let them *age* 12 hours to a day to get hard. Here in California it only takes a few hours because the air is so dry.

I usually sprinkle them with a very fine glitter just for some pzazz.

Wrap in tulle and tie with a rafia. I find that if my bombs are in a wrapper of some sort, it seems so much more special when I give them to friends, family, or use them myself.


Glycerin Soaps


Have you seen those pretty glycerin soaps in the specialty shops?? Have you ever wondered how to make them?? Well I am going to tell you.

This is one of the easiest things I have ever done.

http://www.execpc.com/~bcsupply/main.html Bitter Creek Supply""This is where I get my supplies.

BASE: I use the white base and the clear base. They also have the goat's milk base, the honey base, and the olive oil base. The glycerin comes in 2 lb. blocks or a 40 lb. cases.

COLOR: I use the liquid color, but they also have the color chips available.

SCENT: I use scents that would be a good scent for soap. The scent also must be soap safe. I use Mango, Watermelon, Bubble Gum, Honeydew Melon, Freesia, Plumeria, Cucumber, and Peach.

MOLDS: Now here you can let your imagination run wild. You can use just about anything for a soap mold. I use loaf pans. There are many different type molds on the market that you can use. You can also find stuff around the house to pour it in. Just use your imagination.

Supplies you will need:

Double Boiler(or something similar. I use a dish pan for the water and then a big measuring bowl for the glycerin base.)

Candy Thermometer

Wooden Spoons


Small spray bottle with alcohol in it

Cutter with handle and long blade

If you want swirls and pretty designs in your soap you will need to pay attention. This was the hardest part for me to figure out on my own. You will need to do 1-3(DON'T ADD SCENT) and then #6. Let it harden until it will pop out. Then cut into whatever shapes you want. You can use cookie cutters, use a soap slicing plane for the curly pieces, or just cut into small squares. After you have cut put into some kind of open container and put in the freezer overnight. This will keep the design pieces from melting when you put them in the soap base.

Now proceed with 1-7 all over again to make the complete bar of soap.

1) You will need to take the mold you are going to be pouring into and fill it up with water. Then pour the water into the measuring cup and see how much it will hold. This will let you know how much base you will need. For the sake of this lesson we are using a loaf pan.

2) Cut up the base into small pieces. This will help it melt faster. Stir the skim off the top occasionally. When all is melted and the temp is 130-140 degree's remove from the pan of water and place on a pot holder on the counter.

3) Add the soap coloring of your choice and stir well.

4) Add the soap safe scent of your choice and stir well.

5) Let the soap cool to 110 degree's and then quickly stick your designs in it very quickly.

6) Pour into the mold. When you pour into the mold you will have lots of air bubbles on top. You need to take your spray bottle and spray the bubbles and the will disappear.

7) Slice into bars.

8) Put into cello bags and tie up with ribbon.

I hope you can understand how to do this. You will also be given a lot of information about soap making, supplies, and tools at the site I listed above.


Energizing Foot Lotion


If you have been on your feet all day and they are aching then make some of this lotion and rub it on. They will feel better in no time.

1 tablespoon almond oil

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 teaspoon wheat germ oil

12 drops eucalyptus essential oil

Combine ingredients in a bottle, shake extremely well. To use just rub into the feet and heels.

Store in a cool dry place.

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