Homemade Body Spray Recipes

Homemade body spray is easy and fun to make. It also makes a great gift. Here are a few simple recipes to get you started.

Aromatherapy is using aromatic substances to enhance our moods, and our physical and mental well-being. Aromatherapy is very popular these days. But buying aromatherapy products can be expensive, especially when you simply want a scented, luxurious body spray. It is very easy to make your own aromatherapy products. Instead of spending a fortune on fabulous body sprays, take one of these recipes and make your own. It is also possible to alter these recipes to make a scent that is uniquely you. Once you have the basic formula down, it is simple to change the ingredients to suit your tastes.

All of these recipes use some type of scent. There are several choices to pick from, and at least one of them should suit your budget. One choice is to use food-flavoring extracts, such as vanilla extract or lemon extract. These are relatively cheap and can provide some wonderful scents for body sprays. Also, they can be purchased at the grocery store. The other choices are to use essential or fragrance oils. These can be purchased online, in health food or craft stores. They can be a bit more expensive than extracts, but the good news is that you only need to use small amounts. When using oil-based scents, they can sometimes make the water cloudy. Avoid using too much of the scented oil and make sure to use distilled water.

All of the other ingredients such as distilled water, glycerin, witch hazel, and vodka can be easily found in any community. There are no exotic or hard to get ingredients in a homemade body spray, which makes them an excellent choice for the home beauty products beginner.

Basic Recipe

5-10 drops of essential or fragrance oils

4 oz. distilled water

This is the most basic recipe. From this, you can add more ingredients to get different effects.

Body Spray Recipe #2

1-2 tbls. Food flavor extract

8 oz. distilled water

2 tsp. Glycerin

Body Spray Recipe #3

1 tbls. Witch hazel

5 drops lemon oil

5 drops cucumber oil

8 oz. distilled water

Body Spray Recipe #4

¼ cup vodka

¼ cup scented distilled water

2 tbls. sweet almond oil

To scent the water, pour boiling water over fresh herbs, citrus peels, vanilla beans, flower petals, etc. Allow the water to cool, and then strain it before using in a recipe.

For a relaxing body spray, use essential or fragrance oils of sandalwood, bergamot, chamomile or lavender. For a more uplifting body spray, use rosemary, peppermint or citrus oils.

The best way to store and use body sprays is to pour the mixture into a small spray bottle after it is made. It is important to shake the bottle before each use. For a refreshing summer treat, keep your body spray in the refrigerator. Homemade, all natural, body sprays make a great gift! If you are planning to give the body spray as a gift, it is possible to "˜jazz them up" by adding 1-2 drops of food color and about ½ teaspoon of cosmetic grade glitter.

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