Homemade Bubble Recipes

To have tons of bubbles blowing fun you probably have everything you need around your house. Tips for this great household craft for the kids.

Need something easy and fun to do with your kids on a rainy day? Want something interactive for kids to do a t a birthday party? How about blowing bubbles? Yep, you can make all you need to have tons of bubble blowing fun and you probably have everything you need around your house. You can make all kinds of unique bubble solutions, wands, and enormous bubble blowing makers. Below are recipes and directions for making bubble supplies.

Basic Bubble Solution and Wand


1 cup water

1 tsp. liquid dishwashing soap

1 jar

1 wire coat hanger or other thick wire

Mix liquid dishwashing soap and water in jar. Do not shake. Shaking will cause froth that will keep your wand from creating perfect bubbles. To make the wand, simply cut the coat hanger with wire cutters and bend it into a loop. Twist the ends together.

Wand Ideas

There are many things you can use as bubble wands. Just look around the house and use your imagination. Make it a scavenger hunt. Here are just a few ideas:

Slotted spoons


The finger holes of scissors


Plastic lids with holes cut in them

Eye screws

Scented Bubbles

Scented bubbles are lots of fun. To make scented bubbles you will need to make the Basic Bubble Solution and add to it a few drops of one of the following:

Lime or lemon juice

Almond Extract

Peppermint Extract

You can also make scented bubbles by substituting the liquid dishwashing soap with a nice smelling shampoo. You may need to add more of the shampoo to make better bubbles. Have your kids add scents to their bubbles and try to guess what the scent is.

Colored Bubbles

Colored bubbles are fun to use when playing games. To make colored bubbles add two drops of colored bubbles to the Basic Bubble Solution. Below is a game you can play with your new colored bubbles:

Give each child different colored bubbles and have them stand in a line. Then, have the children blow bubbles. The object of the game is to see whose bubbles went the farthest. Whichever bubble went the farthest wins. You can also see whose bubble lasts the longest or who made the biggest.

Enormous bubbles

Want to make the biggest bubble ever? Then make the wand below.


2 short sticks

Thin string

1 large pan (like a casserole pan)

Cut two pieces of string that are each 24 inches long. Tie one to the top of both sticks and the other to the bottom of the two sticks. Fill the pan with bubble solution and, holding one stick in each hand, lower the wand into the solution. Then, lift the wand slowly and run backwards with it so that air will flow through the wand. You may want to experiment with types of string to get better bubbles.


Weedeater string

Sewing thread


Knitting thread


As you can see, a simple thing like blowing bubbles can end up being an all day project full of fun and quality time with your kids.

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