Homemade Cosmetics: Recipes And Instructions

Recipes and instructions for homemade cosmetics that are cheap and easy to make. They are natural and more effective, but some precautions need to be followed.

It is true that when you look good you feel good and the best way to achieve good looks is through natural means. They are easy, more effective and, most importantly, cheap. Here are some recipes of homemade cosmetics-


1.Rose petals

Olive oil

Massage your whole body with olive oil. Throw some rose petals in the tub. Soak your body in the sweet aroma. The chemicals in the petals and the oils act as a classic toner for dry skin. Also the antioxidants of olive oil seal in moisture and keeps skin soft and supple.

2.Rose petals

chamomile oil4 drops

geranium oil 1 drop

Throw some rose petals in the tub. Add the oils. Soak your body. This is a classic toner for oily skin.

3.Pine needles (or lemon juice)15-20

Witch hazel7 drops

Distilled water2 cups

Boil pine needles in distilled water. Cool. Throw away pine needles. Add witch hazel. Stir well. Massage gently in circular motion all over face and neck. This tones both dry and oily skins. [In case of lemon juice, boiling is not needed. Rest of the procedure is same.]

4.Rose water100 ml

Juniper berry1 drop

Rose otto1 drop

In rosewater, add the essential oils of juniper berry and rose otto. Shake vigorously to disperse the oils properly. Leave for 2 days. Filter. Refrigerate in bottle for future use. Massage all over face and neck in slow, upward motion. This is a good toner for combination skin.


1.Rose water75 ml

Cypress oil1 drop

Sandalwood oil 3 drops

Witch hazel 25 ml

Add all the ingredients in rose water. Shake well for proper distribution of the oils. Filter after 2 days. Store. Apply over face and neck areas with a cotton ball. This is good for all types of skin.

2.Lemon extract2 tablespoon

Lime juice 10-12 drops

Rubbing alcohol½ cup

Take the ingredients in a bottle. Shake well. Refrigerate. Apply over face with a cotton ball. This tightens pores, reduces sebum and refreshes skin.

3. Lettuce leaves (large) 3-4


Boil leaves in water for 10 minutes. Cool. Strain. Apply over face and neck with a cotton ball/pad. This is excellent to tighten pores.


It is necessary to keep all kinds of skin as clean as possible otherwise there is a tendency to form acne lesions making the skin patchy, discolored and rough. It is very important to cleanse face before going to bed at night. Make-up residues can be the worst enemies of skin.


Milk is an excellent cleanser and it doesn't dry out the skin. Wash face several times throughout the day with milk so that the pores are not clogged with oil and environmental pollutants.

2.Milk 2 tablespoon

Sandalwood/lavender oil 2-3 drops

Mix the ingredients. Massage gently all over the face cleaning up dirt, grime and makeup. Pay special attention to the eye area. Do not stretch or over-pull the delicate skin around the eyes while removing eye make-up. Gentle massage improves blood circulation and gives your face a healthy glow. If you have broken skin, avoid stretching in that area to prevent spread of infection.



Honey is an excellent natural moisturizer. Apply a thin layer of honey all over the face. Wash it off with tepid water after 15 minutes. Reveal a healthy, glowing skin.

E)Talcum Powder:

Corn starch

Rice starch

Oat flour

Gently dust any of the above ingredients on the skin for cool, soft, refreshing comfort.

F)Sunburn lotion:

Glycerin½ cup

Rose water ½ cup

Cucumber (medium size, chopped)1

Squeeze juice out of cucumber. Mix with glycerin and rose water. Shake well. Refrigerate. Apply over face, neck and hands. This reduces sunburn.



White clay

Baking soda

Sprinkle a small amount of baking soda under the arms on damp skin after a bath/shower. Cornstarch or white clay can be mixed with it if it feels too abrasive.

H)Exfoliating Scrubs:

It is absolutely necessary to exfoliate with a gentle scrub about 3-4 times per week to balance the skin's moisture.

1.Rice powder1 tablespoon

Gram flour 1 tablespoon

Lemon juice 10 drops

Make a paste with all the ingredients. Add water if necessary. Apply all over face and gently massage in upward and outward direction in a circular motion. Rice powder removes dead cells that accumulate in the upper layer of the skin thus cleaning up pores, giving the over-stressed skin a new vitality and healthy radiance. The sharp, citrus smell of lemon refreshes and stimulates the nerves while the chemicals in the juice has a bleaching property that treats dark spots left behind by the various outbreaks of the skin.

This exfoliating pack is good for dry as well as oily and combination skin types.

2.Almond meal 2 tablespoon

Lemon rind 1 tablespoon

Milk3-4 tablespoon

Make a facial scrub with the ingredients. Gently scrub your face and get rid of excess oil.

I)pH balancer:

Apple cider vinegar5 drops

Distilled water2 cc

Essential oil (any kind) 10 drops

Mix the ingredients in a jar. Shake well. Refrigerate. Moisten a cotton ball with the mixture. Gently rub all over face, especially after cleansing, to restore the skin's pH.

J)Face packs:

1.Egg1 yolk

Honey 2 tablespoon

Rose water 5 tablespoon

Sweet almond oil 2-3 drops

Make a pack with the ingredients. Apply all over face and neck. Let dry. Wash with tepid water. Use this pack 2-3 times per week. It makes the skin softer and smoother.

2.Green clay2 tablespoons

Lemon juice 2 drops

Honey 1 tablespoon

Plain yogurt 1 tablespoon

Lavender oil 2 drops

Mix the ingredients well. Add water sufficient to make a creamy paste. Apply all over face and neck leaving the skin around the eyes. Let dry. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Clay mask is said to give maximum benefit to oily skin for it's deep cleansing properties.

3. Eggwhite part

Clay/kaolin2 tablespoon

Oat1 tablespoon

Cornflower 1 tablespoon

Rose water ¼ cup

Lavender oil2 drops

Juniper berry 2 drops

Separate yolk from an egg. Take the white part. With it, mix all the ingredients well to make a smooth paste. Apply all over face. Avoid eye area. Let dry. Rinse after 20 minutes. Enjoy your fresh, new, soft, oil-free skin.

K)Acne fighter:

Cedarwood oil2 drops

Sandalwood oil 2 drops

Mix oils well. Gently massage over face and neck areas. The classic combination of these two essential oils, an excellent skin conditioner for oily skin, has a soothing effect and treats acne and eczema.

L)Dark circles:

Potato slices2

Cucumber slices 2

Close your eyes. Put any 2 slices on top of the eyelids. The natural juices remove dark circles around the eyes.

M)Hair care:


Amla 5-6

Water 2 cups

Cut amla (found in Indian grocery stores) in small pieces. Boil in water till slightly thick in consistency. Use it to shampoo. The protein and the ascorbic acid in amla have 20 times more Vitamin C than orange juice that enhances hair growth and pigmentation. It is an excellent hair tonic.


Lemon juice 2 lemons

Apply juice from lemons to wet and clean hair. Do not rinse. The juice is a natural conditioner.


Shikakai2-3 pods

Water 2 cups

Boil pods in water. Apply to wet hair after shampooing. Leave for 2-3 minutes. Rinse. It is excellent to remove dandruff.


Some precautions need to be followed while making beauty care products at home.

1.Store mixtures in tightly closed dark bottles away from light in refrigerators.

2.Store out of reach of children.

3.Throw away if color changes.

4.If skin irritation or allergic reaction occurs, stop immediately.

5.Some essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women. Consult physician.

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