Homemade Food Ideas For A Budget Wedding

This article contains some great ideas for reception foods you can make yourself to keep costs low.

Your wedding will be one of the most memorable days of your life.This memory does not have to include huge debts that may take you years to pay.It is very possible to have great food for your guests at reasonable prices.If you have a few volunteers you can prepare the entire meal yourself at a very low cost.There are a variety of foods and suggestions that can help you plan a tasty and pleasing meal that will satisfy everyone and leave your wedding budget intact.

Have a Buffet

Prices for served wedding dinners can be very expensive.Prices can soar up to 45 dollars a person or more.A great alternative to this is the buffet style meal.If you opt for a buffet instead of a served meal, you can cut your food budget down substantially.Some popular inexpensive food items for buffets include meatballs and rolls, macaroni and cheese, various salads, fruit and vegetable trays, hot ham, cold cuts, and snack items.Italian buffets including garlic bread and tossed salads are another option.Crock-pots are a wonderful tool for buffets dinner ideas such as BBQ sandwiches or taco meat for a Mexican style buffet.Recruit friends and family to assist you with preparation and buy your food from a wholesale club.


You might be surprised at how willing friends and family will be to contribute to your wedding day.A growing trend in low cost weddings is the potluck dinner.These are quite often buffet style meals.As the host of the reception the bride and groom should provide the main meal item of their choice and guests each bring a dish of their choice.Have a list of suggested items ready when guest call to inquire about what they should bring.Some items guests can provide might be macaroni and cheese, baked beans, cold salads of all varieties, casseroles, chips and other snacks, deviled eggs, and fruit and vegetable trays.The options are limitless.


If you are having your wedding during the warm months of the year, a BBQ might be a good and inexpensive option for you.This can also be potluck if you wish.Chicken, hamburgers, and hotdogs are great BBQ items that most guests will enjoy.Check with local butchers or at wholesale food outlets to find out if they can cut you a deal if you buy in bulk.Don't be afraid to negotiate.Remember when dealing with raw meat that proper safety issues are a must.Have a few people that are solely in charge of the meat so that it remains cold until it is time to cook.Cold salads and snack items will give your reception a picnic-like atmosphere that is fun and relaxing.

Cocktail Reception

If you have your wedding reception at the right time you can skip the meal entirely.Plan your ceremony so that guests have time to eat lunch before they arrive and end the reception before it is time for the next meal.You can offer cocktails and finger foods.Snacks such as pepperoni, cheese, and crackers can be served to your guests.You can include other items such as fruit salad and vegetable trays with dip.

Dessert Reception

Another inexpensive idea for a reception would be the dessert reception.Your wedding cake will be the main attraction.You can supply other dessert items along with the cake.Pies, muffins, brownies, cupcakes, and fruit salad can be served.This may work as a potluck event as well. Ask guests to bring desserts instead of meal items.

Cake and Drink

If you are concerned about the price of a wedding cake there are some ways you can lighten the cost.Ask around to see if you know anyone who makes wedding cakes.Quite often a family member or a friend who makes cakes will make you one as a wedding gift.If you don't know anyone who makes cakes you can make one yourself.You can find cake supplies at most craft and department stores.If you opt to make the cake yourself you should bake and decorate one long before your wedding date to be sure you can do it.Cupcake displays are becoming popular for weddings.These are even easier to make yourself.

If you wish to have adult beverages but a full bar is out of your budget, consider serving punch.A simple yet great tasting punch can be made from lemon-lime soda, juice, and ice.Have two varieties available.You can add some alcohol to one bowl for the adults and have an alcohol-free bowl for the children and other guests that do not wish to drink.You may wish to offer a coffee station as well.

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