Homemade Gift Ideas: Make Your Own Mother's Day Candy Bouquet

Make custom candy bouquets for Mother's Day gifts using these simple to follow instructions.

A candy bouquet is a sweet treat for Mom on her special day. You can create a beautiful display that will please Mom with your personalized touch, and is delicious as well.

You can make any of these special arrangements for all the mothers in your life, using either homemade or store bought candies.

First, you'll need to create the basic candy flowers for your arrangement. Then, you can select your container and create your special bouquet.

Homemade candy "flowers"

What you'll need:

Candy melting discs

Flower shape lollipop molds

Lollipop sticks

Candy melting discs are available in a variety of chocolate flavors and colors. Good color combinations for Mother's day include:

* dark chocolate, dark pink and light pink

* milk chocolate, light pink and white

* orange and yellow

* dark chocolate, red and white

Candy molds are available in plastic or silicone, in a variety of sizes and shapes. Both are available at party and craft stores.

Select either Mom's favorite colors or flavors of chocolate -- two or three colors makes for a nice bouquet - and melt the discs, either in the microwave or in a double boiler over the stove.

Once the chocolate is melted to a smooth, thick liquid consistency, spoon the chocolate into each flower mold. When the chocolate is even with the top of the mold, place the lollipop stick into the mold, so it will be set in place as the chocolate hardens. Place the mold in a flat location in the refrigerator until the chocolate is firm and the candies can be popped out of the mold tray.

Once your chocolate candy flowers are done, individually wrap the candy portion of each with cellophane. You may tie a small ribbon around the stick to keep the wrapper in place, if you would like additional decoration.

Purchased candy chocolate rosebuds

Chocolate kisses, individually wrapped

Colored plastic wrap or cellophane (pink or yellow)

Floral wire, heavy gauge, such as 18-gauge

Floral tape

Wire cutters

Optional: Artificial greenery stems and leaves

Place two chocolate kisses, flat bottoms against one another. Hold a "stem" of wire, approximately 6" in length with one end next to the kisses. Wrap colored plastic wrap around the candy and wire, to make a "bud" out of the two kisses. From the base of the lower candy, begin wrapping the floral tape around the wire, until it covers the length of the wire. You may also attach artificial leaves to your rosebud with the floral tape, or with craft glue.

Each rosebud will make up a part of your custom bouquet.

Bouquet in a mug

For a gift that mom can keep using when the candy is gone, select a beautiful mug to hold her bouquet. Floral or leaf patterned mugs make especially charming Mother's Day bouquets. The mug should be very stable and not top-heavy, as the candy may make it tip otherwise.

Cut a piece of Styrofoam or floral foam to fit tightly inside the mug. Arrange six to twelve candy flowers in the mug, poking the "stems" into the foam to hold them in place. You may also intersperse artificial flowers into the arrangement.

Wrap a wide satin ribbon around all of the stems and tie it in a perky bow to finish your attractive arrangement.

Bouquet in a bowl

To make a bouquet that is densely packed with candy flowers, select an attractive bowl. Cut Styrofoam or floral foam to fit tightly in the bowl sideways, and to stick out of the top of the bowl by about an inch. Shave off sharp edges and corners of the foam that sticks out of the bowl, so it is roughly rounded. Stick candy flower stems deep into the foam, with the flowers placed as closely together as possible. Depending on the size of your bowl, this will probably require 14 - 24 candy flowers.

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