Homemade Greetings: Free Funny Easter Card Ideas

Free funny greeting card ideas that are suitable for children, spouses, siblings and grandparents.

When contemplating Easter card ideas, realize that you can get your ideas from many sources.Humorous Easter greeting card ideas can allude to religion in a gentle way.Or you can draw upon childhood experiences that many people can relate to.You can take the symbols we associate with the holiday and create material that is suitable for children, spouses, siblings and grandparents.You can even incorporate the history of Easter symbols into a humorous greeting.

These cards can be made from materials you have on hand, or you can purchase craft punchers and other novelty items to make a fancier card.Your homemade cards do not necessarily need envelopes, but you can use manilla envelopes for larger greetings and stationery-store A-2 envelopes for smaller cards.The writing of your card is the most important element.Knowing what your recipients will think is funny, is half the battle of writing good text for your creations.

Origin of the Easter Rabbit and the Decorated Eggs

The folk tradition of matching the Easter holiday with the Easter Rabbit can be traced back as far as the 1500's in Germany.In the 1800's, the Germans also made the first edible Easter Rabbit.By then, the Easter Bunny had been in the US for about one hundred years thanks to the Pennsylvania Dutch.In the Buddhist religion the hare is revered as sacred.In the Celtic tradition, the hare is a symbol of fertility and new life.(See card example number ten.)The German tradition is similar in that the hare is believed to bring new life each spring.To Native Americans, the rabbit is revered in story form.He benefits mankind by bringing life-giving fire to the people.The ancient Mayans believed that the rabbit invented their written language.In current traditions the rabbit has become the symbol of a holiday that celebrates a resurrection. The hare is a messenger of the season who tells us that all things are possible and things can begin again.

The pairing of the Easter Bunny with the Easter egg came about by a European company in the 1900's that needed a marketing ploy to sell candy.Eggs have long been a symbol of fertility, so it was natural to pair them with rabbits.The decorated eggs used bright colors as a symbol of spring.This practice of decorating eggs actually predated Christianity.

Eggs can be decorated in very elaborate ways, such as the Ukrainian Pysanki eggs that are true works of art.The white surface of these eggs is reserved by the application of beeswax.After they are dyed many colors, the wax is melted off to reveal a pattern.Ideas for serious Easter greeting cards can come from the fine-art, egg-decorating traditions.

Religious Easter Humor

1.We can poke fun gently at the religious part of the Easter holiday.This card can be painted with watercolors.Maybe you have a package of blank watercolor greeting cards on hand.These generally come with a colored, deckle edge and matching envelopes.You will also need a black permanent fine-point marker, magazine pages and glue for collage, scissors, paint, brush and water container.

Front of Card

design:Use purple, red, orange and yellow paint to make a sunrise.You can add mountains and clouds if you want.Leave a light-colored area for the black-marker text to show.

text:"We heard that this Easter you are actually going to make it to the sunrise service."

Inside of Card

design:Glue magazine advertising cutouts from watch or clock ads around the inside text of the card.

text:"We're curious...just how many alarm clocks DID you buy?"

Childhood Sibling Easter Humor

2.If you can't relate to this card, then you were an only child.For this card, fold a piece of cover stock (thin card board from the stationery store) in half.You will need a foil-wrapped chocolate rabbit that will fit on the front of the card.Unwrap the rabbit.Bite off its ears.Stuff cotton balls where the ears were and rewrap the foil to look as if the rabbit has ears.After writing the text on the front and the inside of the card in permanent fine-point marker, hot glue the foil rabbit to the card front.

Front of Card

design:see above

text:"When we were kids, I ate all my Easter candy on Easter, but you saved yours."

Inside of Card

design:No design.

text:"How long did it take you to figure out that chocolate bunnies have ears?"

3.This card reflects a bit of history, back when we ate the real thing with our bare hands.Use folded cover stock for your card.Cut out and collage on the flavor descriptions of an actual jelly bean package, or type up your own ingredient/flavor list.You want the gross ones, like sour apples, boogers, fingernails, etc.You can type text on your computer and print it out, or you can use a marker to write it on.

Front of Card

design:See above

text:"Jelly beans come in unusual flavors these days."

Inside of Card

design:No design

text:"When we were kids, we got in trouble for eating things like that..."

Easter Cards for Children

4.Children love knock-knock jokes.This card can be made from 12 x18" oak-tag that you fold like an accordion, so that each phrase can be on a single section.Or you can simply fold 11 x 8.5" cover stock in half once and arrange your text how you want.Markers and colored pencils can be used to do as much or as little drawing as you wish.

Front of Card

design:Draw a door

text:"Knock. Knock"

Inside of Card

design:Optional drawing of the Easter Rabbit.

text:"Who's there?

Easter RabBIT.

Easter RabBIT who?

No, there's only ONE Easter Rabbit."

5.This card can be for your favorite little cowboy or cowgirl.This card can be made of cover stock.You'll also need scissors, glue, and a magazine ad of a cowboy.Plus text that you type or write.

Front of Card

design:Glue on a magazine photo of a cowboy on a horse.

text:"Knock. Knock."

Inside of Card

design: No design.

text:"Who's there?


Yah who!

Yah who!The Easter Bunny is coming!"

6.This card will delight a young child.It is an interactive card for your child to play with.The sturdier you can make it, the better.For this card, you will need:cover stock, green Easter grass, glue, colored markers, an extra piece of card stock, scissors and text that you type or print.

Front of Card

design:Draw a large Easter basket. Glue green plastic Easter grass just above the rim of the basket in a one-inch wide line.Cut a thin slit in the center of the basket opening, above the grass that is about two inches long and horizontal.Draw and cut out a chocolate Easter rabbit that can slide up and down in the slit.

text:None on front.

Inside of Card

design:No design.

text:"I'm a little chocolate bunny

Looking for a safe place to hide.

I'll nestle in this basket grass.

I'm sure no one will look inside."

Easter Cards for Spouse

7.All times of the year are good times to express affection to your spouse.For Easter, your humorous, yet loving expression could be most unexpected.Your husband may wonder why you are giving him a flowery card.(This card is also suitable for a wife, girlfriend, etc.)Once he opens it, he will get a kick out of it.The materials you will need are:a page of tulips from a flower catalogue, glue, scissors, markers, cover stock, text that is typed and glued or hand lettered on a white label for the cover.

Front of Card

design:Cut out a page of tulips from a catalogue and glue to the front of the card.

text:"My favorite Easter tulips are..."

Inside of Card

design:Draw a pair of lips.


8.Your wife is running around ragged for the Easter holiday.She's singing in the church choir, getting Easter clothes for the kids and preparing dinner for many guests.The last thing she'll have on her mind is how good you think she looks.This card will surprise her and make her smile.The materials you will need are:markers and cover stock.Optional:photo of wife.

Front of Card

design:Draw a picture of a yellow chick.

text:"What I love about Easter..."

Inside of Card

design:Optional - glue a picture of the wife on the inside, or leave blank.

text:"...is my cute chick.

Happy Easter from your rooster."

Easter Card for Grandparents

9.Grandparents remember when most greeting cards rhymed.They will get a chuckle out of this verse.Your older kids could really get into making this card, especially if they were the ones to empty the candy wrappers.The materials you will need are:markers and cover stock, text typed and cut out with deckle edge scissors.Optional - candy wrappers and glue.

Front of Card

design:Draw several Easter baskets with the candy goodies evident or draw one large basket and glue on empty candy wrappers that look intact.

text:None on the front.

Inside of Card

design:No design.

text:"The sight of Easter baskets

Always fills me with mirth.

I do more than window shop,

And that explains my girth."

Historical Easter Humor

10.Find humor in a historical fact and turn it into a greeting card idea.The materials you will need are:markers and cover stock, text typed, cut out and glued on or neatly hand-lettered with a fine-point black marker.

Front of Card

design:Draw Papa Easter Bunny sitting on a log reading a book.At his feet, draw as many baby bunnies (sitting on haunches) that you can fit in and still have room for text below.Just draw ears and heads of bunnies in background to simplify and show a crowd.

text:"...and that is why, children, the Celtics believed the hare to be a symbol of fertility and new life."

Inside of Card

design:No design

text:"Happy Easter to you and yours."

You will have as much fun making these Easter cards as your friends and family will have enjoyment in receiving them.

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