Homemade Headstones and Markers for Pets

By Judy Kilpatrick

Marking the grave of a family pet with a headstone is one way to help family members process the loss of their pet. The lifespan of small animals is short compared to the lifespan of a human being; therefore, families who enjoy having pets can expect to experience the loss of a pet. You can make your own homemade headstone for your pet by molding concrete.

Create Molded Concrete Stone

Building supply stores carry concrete molds, concrete mix and other supplies for making concrete stepping stones. Make your own personalized concrete stepping stone for use as a headstone to mark your pet's grave. The addition of an acrylic fortifying agent in the concrete mix will make a sturdier marker, resistant to extreme weather and other outdoor stresses. Write your pet's name in the concrete after it has begun to set but is still wet, or use a rotary tool and a tungsten carbide cutter to engrave names after the concrete has dried.

Memorial Path

Create a memorial path using homemade stepping stones. Make certain your stepping stones are at least 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick so they will not break when stepped upon. Locate the path in an area of your garden where your pet liked to play or another favorite place in the yard. Set a stepping stone in a level depression with sand in the bottom of it. The stone should sit at least 1/2 inch above the ground, as settling will occur.

Mosaic Monuments

Mosaic monuments are made of formed concrete into which objects are embedded while the concrete is still wet. Use objects that remind you of your pet or create words or images using broken tiles, marbles, bits of metal or glass. Creating the mosaic monument is helpful in the healing process to memorialize the pet. Mosaic monuments may be used as stepping stones, garden decor or upright headstones.

Statuary and Embellishments

Preformed statuary may be used to create a headstone for your pet. The statuary may be representative of your pet, such as a concrete statue of a dalmatian for your dalmatian dog, or it may be something that reminds you of your pet. A solid concrete block base may be used for the statuary. Attach an engraved stainless steel plaque with your pet's name, available through a trophy shop, to mark your pet's grave. Alternatively you can use a rotary tool with engraving accessories to mark the tombstone with your pet's name.

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