Homemade Toys For Babies

Homemade toys are one option for keeping babies occupied and to encourage their development. Bought toys can be extremely expensive and babies outgrow them quickly. Read on to findout how to make baby toys.

I shudder when I walk into a toy store or flip through a toy catalogue. The prices are incredibly expensive.

Yes, there are some very well made toys by reputable companies. You often get your money's worth, but for what? I have purchased several kinds of toys from these reputable companies only to find that my son prefers to play with the box they came in.

I soon learned that I did not necessarily need expensive toys to encourage my son's creativity and interest. Many common household items make excellent toys when used imaginatively. It doesn't have to be expensive when it comes to encouraging your baby's creativity and interest.

The following are tried and tested ideas that I have used for my son. He enjoys them very much and I am certain you will too. They are inexpensive ways for your baby to have fun.

1. Laundry baskets are great fun. Tall laundry baskets work well. Your baby must be old enough to sit up on his own for this activity. Seat your baby inside the laundry basket, pick it up carefully by the top, and gently swing it back and forth. This is guaranteed to make your baby laugh.

2. Pots and pans make wonderful drums, while wooden or plastic spoons make excellent drumsticks.

3. Cardboard boxes are another great way to keep your baby occupied. Boxes make great play houses. You can even use non toxic crayons or markers to decorate them. Avoid paint because if your baby tries to chew on the box, bits of paint might flake off and your baby might ingest them.

4. Make a sock puppet and embroider the eyes and nose on (buttons are a choking hazard for babies so avoid using them)

5. Let your baby flip through a magazine (with supervision, as babies like to put things in their mouth) The colors in magazines are very interesting to babies.

6. Cups and bowls make great playthings too. They make excellent teethers.

7. An old telephone is fun as some babies like to imitate their parents when they are talking on the phone. Be sure to remove all cords to prevent the baby from injury.

8. Margarine or ice cream containers are great places for your baby to put things in. My son likes to put his rattles in them.

9. An old set of keys is a great distraction for a fussy baby. You can jingle them in front of your baby to encourage him to look at you.

10. Plastic soda bottles without their caps are another inexpensive way for your baby to have fun. Make sure the bottle has been cleaned properly before giving it to your baby.

11. If you happen to have an old computer keyboard, you can let your baby play on it (with supervision) Keyboards make wonderful clicking noises when they are banged on. Remove all wires before allowing your baby to play with it. Be sure there are no loose keys on it.

Babies love to play and they do not care if they have the latest fashionable toys. It does not have to be expensive to keep your baby happy. Try out these tips and try to find other creative and inexpensive ways to keep your baby amused.

Keep in mind that any item you choose to give your baby must be safe. Make sure there are no loose parts or sharp edges. Supervise your baby as well. Have fun watching your baby learn and grow while avoiding the high costs of fashionable toys.

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