Homeschooling For Busy People

Things you can do to include homeschooling into a busy lifestyle.

A great many people have a desire to homeschool, but fear they do not have the time to do it effectively. Perhaps both parents have fulltime jobs, or the family participates in a lot of extracurricular activities and sporting events. Regardless of the reasons you are busy, here are some ideas you can use to homeschool on the run.

Flexible hours: You can homeschool any time of the day. Traditional schools are open from 8:30 until 3:30 because it is convenient. Before long, schools across the country will be open until 6 pm for the same reason. School hours cater to parents' work schedules and the hours the teachers want to work. However, if you look at history, you will see that in colonial times, both parents and children worked side by side during the day and children did their learning at night by candlelight. Just as the settlers took time for their education after the work was done, so can your family. You can take your children to work or on errands with you during the day, and they can bring along educational games and books to read. If they are old enough, they can even help you with your work. At the end you the day you can sit down as a family to learn reading, writing, and arithmetic. Likewise, you can get into the habit of going to bed early and homeschooling at the crack of dawn.

Hired help: If your work and obligations do not allow you to keep your kids with you during the day, you can hire a sitter for children as old as 13 or 14. Your children can do their schoolwork with the sitter, who can also be a tutor, and review it with you at night. Once a child is old enough stay at home alone, you can make sure they have plenty of constructive things to do. You can schedule sports or other lessons during the day that they can attend, or have them visit relatives or friends a few days a week while you work.

Use down time: If your family is busy due to you or the kids being involved in theatre or sports, you can homeschool during the dead-times. In activities like gymnastics, team sports, and things of that nature, a lot of time is spent waiting. Use these times to homeschool your child.

Small segments: You can homeschool 10 minutes at a time. Make checklists of everything your child should cover during the week. Whenever you have 10 minutes or more of free time, you can accomplish one of the learning tasks. It only takes a few minutes to introduce a new math or language concept, and then the children can spend the next hour reviewing and practicing on their own.

Keep in mind that you are never too busy to learn. Just as you can teach your child in between activities, you can also use your activities to teach your child. There is a lesson to be learned in everything you do. As homeschoolers, you have the opportunity to discover those lessons for yourself.

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