Is Homeschooling Right For Us And Where To Start

Is homeschooling something that you want to do? Where do you start looking for information and help?

At some point when you are thinking about homeschooling, a wave of panic will hit. Can I actually educate my children? What about lesson plans, social activities and having my children around me all day? Some people decide on homeschooling for educational or religious reasons. The fact that you are thinking about these questions means that you genuinely care about your children and are ready for homeschooling. Your family will find a course that works, it will be different from other homeschooling families and that is fine. If homeschooling is something that you honestly feel will not work for you that is okay. There are plenty of other options beside public schools such as private or charter schools.

There is a huge amount of support for homeschooling. You just need to do a bit of research and asking questions. The internet is a great place to start. Information on types of curriculum, schedules that other families use and any other question can be answered here. Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states but some have different requirements. Several websites have links to the education agency for your state and here you can find the exact details. Be sure to print and read it. These are your legal rights. Sometimes school districts may try to require you to do certain things like make reports to them. However, since you know what is legal, you can stand your ground if need be and know you have the law on your side.

Search the Internet for information about homeschooling groups in the area. You can subscribe to several national homeschooling magazines. There are homeschooling co-operatives, regular group meetings, field trips and other events. The local library probably has information about local groups or you can check out a book on homeschooling and call a group listed in the appendix. Join a local or state organization and you will be able to find conferences and other events that will have tons of information and contacts. Regularly going to local parks and asking around will locate someone who is a homeschooler. They can help you out. Check out email groups on the Internet for ones in your area or that have similar interests to you.

Some other places that you may not think to look are local health food stores. Homeschoolers tend to lean toward natural things. Check the bulletin boards or post something yourself about wishing to find other families. Book and other educational supply stores may have a bulletin board or other ways to locate families. Many cities have free newspapers that contain information about children and activities. A call to the local newspaper may find you a reporter who keeps track of homeschooling news and can help you find contacts.

If you still cannot find an interest group or there are no groups in your area, start one. Go back to the library, bookstores and local amusement areas and post a notice. Once one or two families get in contact, you can decide which direction to take the group.

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