Homework Tips: Keeping Track Of Homework

Homework tips: this calendar for homework deadlines will help children keep track of when work is due.

Children are in school the majority of the day. Their teachers provide them with explicit details regarding homework expectations.

The children are expected to write this information down and to remember it. When they get home, they are often so overwhelmed with what needs to be completed, that they cannot remember when a project is due, when their spelling test takes place, or which books need to be read.

The problem of forgetting, misplacing and incomplete work can be avoided if there is a program in place to keep track of the homework expectations.

Purchase a large thirty-day calendar that uses wet/dry markers. This calendar should be large enough that the notations can be read from a distance.

Mount the calendar on the wall where your child will be doing his homework. Homework should always be completed in the same location. By maintaining a constant trend, homework will become a routine.

Date the calendar with the current month and list all of the dates. Add any school calendar dates (i.e. some schools work on a six day week). Make these indications at the top of each day's box (near the calendar date).

When your child brings home information regarding his homework schedule, have it written on the calendar right away. Never put off what can be done at the time or it may get forgotten.

For families that have more than one child in school, use different colored markers. Each child should be familiar with his color.

Weekly routine homework expectations should be indicated as soon as you fill out the calendar for a new month. For example, if on every Monday the class is issued new spelling words, indicated "new spelling words" in each Monday box. If the same child is tested every Thursday for these words, indicated "spelling test" in the Thursday box.

Whenever new homework/project information is sent home, write it on the calendar. By consulting the homework calendar every day, your child should have no excuse for his work being forgotten or improperly completed.

Children will see what their siblings have to do and will encourage and remind them to get the work done. School is very demanding and homework takes a good part of their afterschool routine. Any way that can make homework responsibilities easier for children is worth a try. Your child will become better organized and the teacher will appreciate the effort you have made to help your child complete his work properly and punctually.

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