Honda Car Model List

Brief summaries of what each Honda car model has to offer.

The Honda Motor Company has a model to fit almost need and wish.

The Element is a mini-SUV. It is built for fun and adventure. It seats four people. The two rear seats can be swung up and stored so the bed space becomes longer. These same two seats can be completely removed from the car for even more space. The rear storage space comes equipped with tie down hooks to secure whatever you are transporting. The model is filled with cup holders and a couple of electrical outlets. The entire inside is rubber and water reistant material. They claim the interior can be washed out by spraying it with a hose. Some modles come with a sun roof. The front door opens in the traditional way. The rear passenger door opens in the "ňúsuicide' way. This when the two doors are opened at the same time there is plenty of psace to enter or exit the car.

The Accord Coupe comes in nine different styles. The Coupe is Honda's stylish traditional car, searching for the speedster in middle class families. It marries style and efficiency. The nine different styles lets one add almost any accessory possible.

The Accord Hybrid is Honda's entrance into the alternative fuel market. It marries a fuel engine with an electric motor for outstanding mileage and reduced air emissions. It comes in two styles. One style comes with a satellite linked navigation system.

The Accord Sedan is Honda's four door family car. It has front and side airbags and ranks at the top in crash test rating. This model comes in eight different packages including leather and navigation accessories.

The Civic Coupe is their sport car directed toward the younger generation. It can include cd and mp3 music systems, trunk air spoiler, and leather wrapped streering wheel. This comes in six different packages.

The Civic GX NGV is powered by natural gas and only available in California. It comes with a compact home refueling station. This model has been available to fleets since 1998.

The Civic Hybrid combines an electric motor with a fuel engine for great gas mileage and lower emissions. This comes in only one style.

The Civic Sedan is advertised as Honda's best deal. It rates very well in crash testing and can be upgraded to include mp3, trunk spoiler and leather interior.

The Civic SI is a smaller European hatch back model for quick handling and affordable prices. It comes in only one basic style.

The CR-V is Honda's mini-SUV. It is advertised as roomy and functional with specially designed stability assistance. This comes in four styles.

The Insight was the very first gasoline electric hybrid sold in the United States. Its unique bullet shape styling makes for even better fuel efficiency. This comes in two styles and both are two seaters.

The Odyssey is Honda's family, min-van. It comes with stability assistance, stowable seat, seating for eight and a dvd entertainment system.

The Pilot is Honda's SUV. This model is award winning and can come with 4WD. It has four styles some with leather, entertainment systems, and navigation systems.

The Ridgeline Truck is Honda's entry into the pick-up truck market. This model has five styles; some with a moonroof and navigation system.

The S2000 is Honda's ultimate sports car. It comes in one style with all the perks.

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