Honda Civic Hybrid Review

The Honda Civic Hybrid is a unique vehicle that provides a comfortable ride while it save you money on gas.

In today's world, many people are looking for an economical vehicle that is energy efficient. Some people desire energy efficiency in a vehicle because of rising gasoline prices, while others want to conserve energy because of their concern for the environment. Both reasons are quite valid and should be considered when buying a vehicle. In an attempt to satisfy the consumer need for an energy efficient vehicle, there are now many hybrid vehicles on the market. The Honda Civic Hybrid is one of these.

The Honda Civic Hybrid was introduced in 2003. In spite of the fact that it's a hybrid, the Civic Hybrid looks like any other sedan. Its size and weight are comparable to most other sedans. This two-door sedan provides a comfortable ride for up to five adults. Although the price of the Civic Hybrid is somewhat more than its non-hybrid counterpart, it is still a reasonable price for a sedan of its size.

Hybrid technology uses a combination of gas and electricity to produce power to run the car's engine. The Civic Hybrid's electric motor gives the gas engine a boost when necessary. The engine also shuts off when you take the car out of gear, which saves even more gasoline. In the end, the Civic Hybrid can give you almost 50 miles per gallon of gas.

With the engine constantly shifting its power, you may think that this could possibly cause a noise problem. However, this is not true. Most drivers barely even notice the engine activity while they are driving. The Civic Hybrid provides a generally quiet ride.

Speed is also a common concern for someone shopping for a vehicle. The power of hybrid vehicles has often been in question, but you can be sure your drive in a Civic Hybrid will be similar to a drive in any typical sedan. While the Civic Hybrid's torque is not up to everyone's standards, this sedan can still get up to speed within a reasonable amount of time.

One thing you won't have to worry about with a Honda Civic Hybrid is safety. It's equipped with front and side air bags. A special technology allows the air bags to inflate the right amount for the specific severity of impact in an accident. Special sensors ensure that the air bags will not deploy if the person in the seat is so small that they might be injured by a deployed air bag. The Civic Hybrid also has excellent brakes that will provide a quick stop when one is necessary.

The downside to the Civic Hybrid is the lack of options. While you can upgrade to a six-CD changer, that is the only extra option featured by the Civic Hybrid. In today's world of DVD players, satellite radio, and onboard navigation systems, the Civic Hybrid might seem a little bare, since it offers none of these upgrades.

However, if fuel efficiency is your main concern, the Honda Civic Hybrid is certainly a good choice. It provides an efficient and roomy vehicle for a reasonable price. You will certainly notice the room in your wallet when you are able to make fewer stops at the gas station.

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