What Is A Honeycomb Shade?

What is a honeycomb shade? Layers of fabric make up this popular window covering known as the honeycomb or cellular shade. Honeycomb shades or cellular shades as they are sometimes called ... when I say...

Honeycomb shades or cellular shades as they are sometimes called ... when I say honeycomb shade I think of a beehive. They've got the layers like a honeycomb has where they are empty on the inside and yet there is fabric on either side and through it a little bit. You see them often and they have a lot of options. You can do the top down and the bottom upward so that you can drop the top and still have your privacy below and you can let your light in from the top. Honeycomb shades are wonderful in the summer heat. When you have those closed they are blocking about 80% of the heat. The downside on those is that unlike the horizontal blind, like a wood blind or mini blind, you cannot just tilt them open or closed. It is like a blanket or fabric when it is at the window, you cannot see through it, it will let the light in but you cannot see through it. They also make those in a room darkening version. There are also some being made so that you can have the cordless feature. You can actually raise it with your hands and lower it. We can do remote control on these as well, which opens up and entirely new feature there. They are doing that on lot of the products and it is making a lot safer for kids. They are also good for the new houses that have the windows on the second story, that you have no way of controlling from downstairs just put a little remote control on it and they are wonderful. We do a lot of that with the honeycomb or cellular shades.

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