Is Hospital Nursing School For You?

Is hospital nursing school for you? Consider important factors when deciding if youshould become a nurse.

It can be a tough decision for even those of you who are committed to caring for people in your career choice. Nursing school takes dedication and hard work and you should be prepared before jumping in.

A variety of options are available for nursing school and that can determine if that is the right path in your life right now. A Licensed Practical Nurse program is generally a one-year certificate program at a community college. This can be the easiest route if you want to earn income potential right away. Once you have completed the school, opportunities exist to earn over $15/hour. But that first year is intense and plenty of students fail those terms.

Ask yourself what kind of commitment you have to the field of nursing? Are you 100 percent certain this is what you want to do or are you skeptical? If you aren't sure, consider becoming a nursing assistant first to see what it is nurses do on the job.

Then you can begin taking prep courses like anatomy and physiology and microbiology. It is usually best to take those difficult courses before applying for nursing school. Being able to take only nursing courses is the surest way to survive your college education.

Consider your family life and any commuting distance required. These are factors that need attention before you take the plunge. Ask yourself if you can commit enough time to the program without neglecting your family. And if you must travel long distance to school will that only eat into time you could be studying or playing with your kids. Set your priorities before you commit to nursing school.

Should you decide you really want to be a nurse, look at financial aspects of getting an education. Will you get financial aid or will you put yourself through school? If you need to work while going to school, consider going as part-time as possible, even as you go for the two-year, Registered Nurse, route. The slower pace you can take the better your chances of passing.

No matter what your family lifestyle is, remember that nursing school is intense. It requires hours of study time and clinical hour time at hospitals and nursing homes. You need to be able to commit totally to your venture so you can succeed and be proud of the job you accomplished.

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